WNC Air Museum Field Trip

In March, we went on a field trip to the Western North Carolina Air Museum in Hendersonville, NC with a local homeschool co-op.  

Our family has been doing an Airplane Unit Study from Hands Of A Child, and this field trip was perfect for putting some real live airplanes into our learning adventure.  This unit study has become a year long passion for our kids.  We do a little bit at a time and purchased several science (flight, air, airplane) kits to go along with our learning adventure.  You can read about part of our airplane unit
here (starting) and here (HOAC unit components), here about building a wooden bi-plane, and here when I get the rest of it finished.  I have tons of pictures, but have not had time to write all the stories.  But we have had a blast learning about airplanes and flight this school year.

This museum is an amazing place.  They have airplanes from WWl, WWll, Veitnam, Homebuilt Airplanes, Homebuilt Helicopters, Model Airplanes, lots of historical memerobilia, a store, and so much more. 

Before going into the museum, we spent a little time outside observing planes taking off, and coming in for a landing.  The children were so excited to see this. 

One plane acted like it was going to land, and as soon as it came down to the runway, it went back up again. 

Everyone ooohed and ahhhed!

Well, it took my eyes and my camera a few minutes to adjust after having been in the brite sunshine.  Sorry about the blurr…..

Inside the museum is a vast warehouse of history.

Kit helicopter.

All the walls were packed with history. 

Perfect for this knowledge seeking boy!

Can you believe in the 1930’s you could buy a plane blueprint for $5 and put it together with a motorcycle motor and have under $199 invested in owning your own airplane?

Here is the actual plane in the add above from the 1930’s.

This fella builds and maintances the planes in the museum.  He is a vietnam veteran and a licensed pilot.  He was our guide and gave us so many facinating details about the planes in the museum.

Everyone is a volunteer at the museum.  They are passionate about planes, and keeping history alive and available for future generations.

My daughter checking out the female pilot.  “Mommy is that lady going to fly the plane?”

Some planes were unfinished, so that visitors could see inside, and help them understand more about how airplanes opperate.

Lots of things to see.

There were fun things to do and see for kids and adults of all ages.  

Big or small we all add fun.

What could be better than getting to climb aboard a real plane?

ing to explore inside….

Getting a lesson from a real pilot about what each control and gadget does….

And have free time to role play…..

With all your friends.

“Attention all passangers, this is your pilot speaking.  Please prepare for landing, and thank you for traveling KIDS FLY HIGH AIRLINES.”

The museum is free to visit.  There is a small store inside, where you can buy items to help support the musuem, and donations are always welcome. 

Please visit their website to find out more, and to get directions to the museum.

Have you visited an airplane museum?  Leave us a comment.  Thanks.

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