Winter Walk

I have a playful, but serious fellow in Kindergarten, and today he is on the hunt for something special. 

Things seem familiar, yet very different today.  He decided to investigate further.

A winter walk reveals a frozen world of new discoveries.

Where is all the color?  When he woke this morning, everything had turned white under 10 inches of soft snow. 

He listens as the snow crunches under his feet.  This sound is different than walking on grass through the yard.   Though the snow feels light, his boots feel heavy as he walks.

With little sister, who is in tot school, close behind, this wintery world is an interesting place.

He shows his sister the hard seed pods he found.  Being 3 years old, she is just amazed at this new landscape as he is. 

Though they have seen their surroundings daily, today in its new layers of white, it is even more fascinating.

As they walked through the yard and into neighboring lots, they found so many discoveries.

Here is a tree by the driveway, with little upside down seed heads near the trunk.  The snow has collected in the branches.

Here was a beautiful sight.  Layers upon layers of snow covered branches in a row of trees.

Snow balls, created by nature. 
Queen Anne’s Lace capturing all the snow it can hold. 
Snow ball fight anyone?  Though they are small, there are thousands of them in this field.  Surely in a battle, this little army would win.  Amazing.

Tall grass bending, and weighted down, with a coat of snow.

Bending, yet amazingly strong, and still able somehow to stand.

Amazing little snow stars collected on tiny flower heads.

The garden boxes are sleeping under a blanket of snow too.

Zinnia seed heads on top of stems, still standing straight and tall.  They are not yet ready to release their bounty of seeds they have kept tightly clutched since fall.  Just a few months ago, they displayed amazing colors.

Rose hips on a wild rose bush.  This is welcome food for the hungry birds, rabbits, and other wildlife that pass by here everyday.

Across the road, the tall trees look like feathers, as the snow softens their angles.

Next to the house, tender green grass is visible and was protected from the snow, but exposed to the cold.  But even still, in January, its greenness remains.

We looked for animal tracks, but didn’t discover any yet this morning.  Even the birds seemed to be hiding, quietly, somewhere out of sight. 

Everything is adjusting to this new change in our landscape, a brand new world, different yet familiar. 

I wonder what they will discover next?

What have your kids been discovering during the winter season?

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2 thoughts on “Winter Walk

  1. Barb-Harmony Art Mom

    What a beautiful winter world! Love, love, love the Queen Anne’s Lace photo with the balls of snow on top. We have been having icy mornings and my son discovered the garden hose was full of ice cubes when he went to fill the dog’s dish…so much cold this time of year.

    Thank you so much for sharing your winter link with the OHC.

  2. Christie-Childhood 101

    Your images and words are so beautiful and I am so jealous of your winter wonderland and the discoveries contained within. Hopefully one day we will have the opportunity to travel so that Immy can see snow.

    Thank you for linking to We Play this week 🙂


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