Valentine Skate Party

Trivia Question:
What do roller skates, cupcakes, return to basic instincts such as crawling, pink and red hearts, lots of friends, lots of fun, and purple bruises have in common?

A Homeschool Valentine Skating Party!

5 points if you answered correctly!

My kids have been looking forward to this day for, hum, forever!  About three years ago, we learned about this fun event, but each time it happened it seemed life had other plans for us. 

Finally the day came, and my kids were so happy!

The oldest helped me with delivering snacks for the tables, while the younger ones were putting on their skates.

The snack room was decorated with red and silver balloons and pink table cloths.

The roller rink was a large gymnasium owned by a local church.  The homeschool association collects “Box Tops For Education” that they exchange for cash to pay for this event each year.  About two hundred people attended the Valentine Skate Party this year.

Many of the families were very skilled on their skates. 

My kids have never been on roller skates before. 

While wearing these rolling contraptions, they spent quite a bit of time learning how to fall.

And crawl.

And how to hold onto the walls. 

Yes, finally they figured out that it was easier to keep their balance if they stayed on the carpet.  We came home with lots of bruised elbows and knees.  But they had lots of fun acquiring these war wounds.  It was kind of like a flash back of them learning how to walk and keep their balance.  But this time, it hurt a whole lot more when they fell. 

Homeschool Physics Lesson: 
Effects of gravity + momentum of energy enabled by the wheels = heavier moving objects fall harder.  Ouch!  Sorry guys. 

Despite the goose eggs hanging off their elbows, they had tons of fun and are ready to go again.

There was also an area set up with Valentine Bag tables.   Children set up their bags for everyone to drop in a valentine.

Everyone of the bags looked so festive and pretty.  Here you see the bags my kids made.  Read here  if you want to see how they made them.

Here is my kindergartner putting Valentines in friends bags.  We made two sets of valentines, one was a store bought scratch and sniff card they signed, and another was a goodie bag with a homemade valentine attached.  Read here if you want to see how they made their valentines to share with friends.

Lots of friends enjoying snacks and a break from skating.

Moms enjoying a break and adult conversation.

Moms planning their next escapade. 

My boys had fun catching up with good buddies we haven’t seen for a while.

Good friends, good food, good times. 

The kids will remember this Valentines Day for a long time.


I think one of the most fun parts of this day was to come home and read all the tokens of friendships in our Valentine Bags.  This really makes you feel special and is such a fun thing to do. 

Seems like it would be good to get special notes that say how special you are everyday.  I have seen posts by teachers who set up something like that, and the kids fill someone’s cup or bag with special thoughts about them everyday.  I used to put special notes in my husband’s lunch pail before sending him off to work when we were younger, and before having kids.  Something to think more about.  I may need to set up a “fill up my bag” table somewhere in the house.  Can everyday be Valentines Day?

What have you been doing with your kids to celebrate Valentines Day?

If you have a Valentines Day craft, recipe, celebration, lesson theme, or activity you would like to share, please join our link up or leave a comment.  Thanks.

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