Used Curriculum Sale June 29, 2010


Ok Ok, Ok, OK!!!!
I felt like a Newbie…..
Even though I have been homeschooling since 2004/2005…..this was my first time to come to a used curriculum sale.
I have to be honest.  As I had never been to one of these before, I didn’t intend to shop, but to just observe the sale.  I didn’t know what to expect or what kinds of things would be there.  So I had planned to just look.

I went for three different reasons:

The first reason, I went to visit with people, not really intending buy curriculum.  I knew there would be a lot of moms from the Henderson County North Carolina HCHA group there, and I had hoped there would be several moms from Buncombe County NC, Polk County NC, Transylvania County NC and Greenville County, South Carolina there too, as it is only a 20 to 30 minute drive in any one of these directions.   My kids were really wanting to go to the park and play with other homeschool kids and friends they have made.  I really wanted to have some adult conversations.  Even though I love being Mommy, sometimes you just long for a conversation with another adult with similar interests.

The second reason, I heard that some of the children would be selling drinks and homemade snacks as a fundraiser for one of the homeschool kids who was just diagnosed with Luekemia.   She is a very talented young lady.  She was just diagnosed this month and is going through horrible side effects from her chemo therapy in Asheville Missions Children’s Hospital.  Our family has been praying for her healing and recovery and strength for their family.   So I really wanted to go and support this cause.  

The third reason was I had also committed to buying some curriculum that wasn’t part of the sale from an email post.  This was a convenient place and time for all of us to meet and I had agreed to meet them there to pick it up.    I got a brand new Switched on School History Curriculum for $10 (retail value $85) and a barely used Life Pack Science Curriculum for $10 (retail value $56) and an Abeka Music Theory 1 with flutones Curriculum for $5 (retail value $32).  That is $173 in curriculum for $25.   I am so thankful!

What I found was that the Used Curriculum Sale was very nice and layed back.  It was held at the East Flat Rock Park.   The mom’s used a large community picnic shelter and picnic tables and folding tables for their displays.   Some children played on the playground while other children helped with the book sale. 

Everyone was friendly and easy to talk to.  The park made it nice for the children to play.  This made it really nice to go around and visit and look at the booths.  I got busy talking and didn’t make it around to all of them, and got to busy to take pictures, so I only have these two to share with you.


                                            AND the bargains were amazing! 

Here is what I found:

I found really good,  like new books for all ages.  My oldest picked out what they were interested in and I picked out several for the younger ones.  Most of the books were for $0.25 to a $1.00 a piece.  
One mom and I made a trade for some of the books.  For the rest, I spent less than $10 for all.   Wow!

We came home with some really nice curriculum and library books to enhance our studies for this next year.

I also wanted to say thanks to several people for their gifts! (no photo)
My children were given some
books, some movies, a butterfly pavillion, and we were given some organic tomato plants for the garden. 

Thank you to all who shared your generosity with us today.  

We will definately plan to make this an annual adventure for our homeschool.  Hope to see you all there next time!

Please share.
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