Thick As Thieves Review

My oldest son loves to read.  He was so excited to receive Thick As Thieves from Circle C Milestones  for review.

Thick as Thieves

Thick As Thieves

Historical/Christian/ Fiction
Ages 12 and above
Retails for $9.99

Thick as Thieves from Circle C Milestones

We received Thick as Thieves and the accompanying downloadable PDF Study Guide for this review.   This is the first book in the reading series in the Circle C Milestones ages 12 and above (young adult) reading / learning level by author Susan K Marlow.

Circle C Milestones

Andi Carter is 14 and lives on her family’s ranch called Circle C Ranch. She loves horses and she has a special horse named Taffy who gives birth to a foal during the story. The book is about her life on the ranch, her family and responsibilities like chores, and going to school during the 1880’s in America.

My son is 14, we homeschool, and live on a homestead.  He cares for his animals on our farm daily in addition to some household chores he rotates responsibilities with his siblings like helping with the laundry, taking out the trash, and dishes. He also has schoolwork he completes everyday. Even though he lives 150 years after she did, he could identify with the main character of the book Andi Carter.

reading Thick as Thieves

There is a wonderful FREE STUDY GUIDE offered with this book. It is written like a unit study and is 40 pages filled with cross curricular activities that relate to both the book, but also to this time period in history.

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The Study Guide includes: vocabulary, discussion questions, geography, history, writing, and “just for fun” activities. A great supplement for homeschool unit studies.

crossword puzzle

I don’t want to spoil the plot for you by giving away too much of the story ahead of time, but you can read a free excerpt from the book to “wet your whistle” and see why this is such a great read for teens and young adults.

My son enjoyed this book so much he did not want to put it down.  He has already asked for us to get him more books like this about Andi, and all her adventures at different stages in her life. It is a very well written book with great attention to detail. Many character qualities like work ethic, faith, genuiness, friendship, relationships, responsibility, and integrity of the character comes through.


Author: Susan K Marlow

Susan Marlow

The author, Susan K Marlow is a homeschool mom who has dedicated her life to her family and to writing wholesome Christian fiction books for kids of all ages to enjoy. She has authored over 17 books for children.  Each learning level she has written for has it’s own series of books.

Susan Marlow Books

If you want to read more books, from the Susan Marlow web site, you will see the info-graph above, and once you click “enter” on the picture of the series or learning level you are interested in, a whole web site for that specific learning level appears with books, study guides, articles, photos and more.  She has really done a wonderful job organizing this into a user friendly resource for families.

In addition to writing books, Susan also teaches writing workshops, and enjoys living in Washington on a homestead.  Her connection with homeschool life and homesteading really comes through in her books and my kids can relate to the Andi and the other characters.

Social Media

Be sure to follow Susan Marlow on her social media links for all the latest news and updates.

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2 thoughts on “Thick As Thieves Review

  1. susan

    Melinda, I loved how you presented your review here today. In fact, I “pinned” that home page of mine from the web site picture you created to one of my Pinterest boards, because it was such a nice picture. 🙂
    Thanks for such a lovely review. Eeek! Where did you dig up that picture of me at an old convention? LOL That is so nice that you went the extra mile and did a really nice shout-out for everything.
    I’m very happy your 14 year old son enjoyed the story about a 14 year old girl. My oldest grandson (now 16) has been a very loyal Andi fan for years. 🙂 He might really like the next book, Heartbreak Trail, as it’s a cattle drive from Fresno to Los Angeles, and if something can go wrong, it DOES. That book comes out in July. But *yikes* I haven’t finished the study guide yet. Those study guides are a lot of work, but like you, as a homeschool mom I know how valuable they are.
    Thanks again!

    1. Melinda Weiser Post author

      Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for your kind words. I was so impressed by the work you did with these books and how they cover a span of growing years of Andi. Kids can grow with the stories and follow Andi’s journey as they both are growing up. I am so thankful to find a series of books that are wholesome and kids want to read. Thank you for the opportunity to review your book. May God bless everything you set your hands to do.


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