The Kitten From Down Under

We have a new kitten.  She is adorable.  She surprised us.  We knew the mother who is 80% wild and always stays just out of arms reach lives under our deck.  She comes and goes, and even though we feed her, she doesn’t want to be petted.  We thought two months ago when we moved to the farm that we would see kittens, but we never did.  We saw a male cat hang around from a distance about a month ago and assumed that if she had kittens, he had likely killed them.  We were disappointed, and my husband was especially disappointed.  He really looked forward to taming some kittens.  But with no kittens to be found, he accepted that it wasn’t the right timing and life went on.  Until today. 

Today, this beautiful black and white long haired kitten climbed up from below the deck.  She is so tiny and so new that she can barely walk.  She seems to have recently opened her eyes and her sight isn’t very good yet.  We estimate she is about 3 to 4 weeks old.  She climbed her way right into a ready made family with 16 hands to hold her. 

Now the kids, and daddy, and mommy, can’t stay away from this adorable baby who has captured our heart.

She is so content.  She isn’t afraid of us.  I think it might be that she has been listening to our voices everyday from down under the deck.  We eat most of our meals on the deck this summer, and we have daily bible study on the deck too.  I think she is so relaxed because she already knows us.  She is already a member of the family and today she let us know it.

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