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 We are so excited to tell you about Teacher Geek! 


We have been looking into technology projects for the past year, and they are so expensive!  To accomplish more with technology and focus on the the STEM Initiative with kids (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) we created a technology oriented 4 H club this past year, called Lego and Robotics Academy, but it is very costly to buy projects!  

It was a nice surprise to learn Weiser Academy was selected to review a robotic bug kit called “Catch The Bug” made by Teacher Geek.  This was a perfect project to include Dad.  He loves building things as much as the kids do.  Building this kit,  is a great way to spend some fun time while learning together with Dad.   We all sat together as a family, as Dad taught the kids about the Catch The Bug kit.
Working with the kit is a three step process:

                1) Body Build- The mechanical part of the bug is constructed.


                2) Electronics Lab- Bug Experiments teach the fundamentals of electronics.


                3) Final Wiring- Permanent wires are soldered on to “bring the Bug to life.”

Our family really enjoyed working with this educational product and I highly recommend adding it to any homeschool or educational program.  It is affordable and fairly priced. It is well planned and has lots of visuals and hands on activity for the the kids to learn.  It would make a great addition to any electronics or robotics learning curriculum.

Even though it is recommended for kids ages 10 and older, we included our younger children in the learning process.  We explained the components as they were being installed and allowed the kids to ask and answer questions as we went along.  They observed the whole process and observed the bug as it traveled along the floor.  That is the beauty and freedom of homeschooling.


The Catch The Bug kit retails on the Teacher Geek website for $22.98  They are offering a 10% discount through January 31, 2012 using coupon code hschool at checkout.   

Read here to find out more about this awesome robotic bug.

The Catch The Bug kit is designed as an educational learning project for kids age 10 and older, and requires adult participation and supervision.  This project is suitable for homeschools, schools, and after school programs.

This kit teaches electrical and robotic engineering.  Besides lots of visuals and vocabulary in the building guides, the students learn a lot about design, electrical circuits, voltage, power, remote control, switches, short circuits, currents, resistance, schematics, series and parallel circuits,  wiring, and soldering.

The kit also comes with downloadable curriculum guides 
Teacher Created Lab  and Activity Guide .

Teacher Geek has very affordable and fun educational technology projects.  Their project kits would make a great addition to any homeschool curriculum, and a great addition to our 4 H club curriculum.

Teacher Geek encourages innovation by growing a student’s understanding of various concepts from simple to complex.  They encourage students to think for themselves and learn to problem solve and make adjustments.

If you would like to see some of the variety of projects Teacher Geek has, check out these videos:   

                Teacher Geek Videos

I was provided with a “Catch The Bug” kit in exchange for an honest review of this product.

If you would like to read what others had to say about Teacher Geek, you can read more reviews on the link up here.



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