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Wraps Are BOGO Until Midnight On December 31

Just one more day left to get these wonderful botanical WRAPS at BOGO Free sale, to tighten your loose skin anywhere on your body.

Buy One Box of Wraps Get One Box Free

45 minutes is all it takes to see results! These wraps have a special botanical lotion that nourishes your skin.

wrap info in 45 minutes (2)

If you need to / want to wrap it, there is a way. See the pictures, and the “how to” below.

ways to wear the body wrap (2)

The awesome thing is you can DIY! You don’t have to go to a fancy spa to have it done. These wraps were sold as a spa procedure in Europe for $300 before the It Works company bought the patent.

wraps used to cost 300 (2)

The company brought these wraps to the USA and sell a box of 4 wraps for $100 retail ($25 each). BUT HOLD ON! They offer a wholesale membership that allows you to buy these wraps, and all their other products too, at wholesale discount if you wish. This is an awesome deal, because it reduces your cost significantly and wholesale on a box of these wraps is only $59. So the cost of a wrap has went from $300 (Spa) to $25 (DIY Retail) to $14.75 (DIY Wholesale Member)! That is awesome! Read on for info on the BOGO sale that will bring your costs down to just $7.40 each!

loyal customer info (2)

There are more great benefits to a wholesale membership too. You can buy as little or as much as you want. If you sign up as a wholesale member and chose to also order monthly (Loyal Customer), the benefits increase even more. After three months as a LC Wholesale Member, you get free shipping on every order, and after six months you get a bonus of 50 points worth $50 and after a year as a continued monthly customer you get back 150 points worth $150. You can also earn points and free products for referring your friends and family.

My personal story: I am thrilled to have found this all natural way to improve the health and tone of my skin. My nurse midwife told me to check into using wraps to help lift and support my belly as I healed from an emergency C section, and lost weight, after my last pregnancy. I talked with a friend who sells these wraps, and decided the best way for me to afford them and all the great products she sold, was to sell them myself too. At $14.75 a procedure, they are very affordable. But as a distributor, I could also earn some for free as bonusses, as well as an income too.

How to LC or DT (2)

I am 45 and I have loose skin due to my age. I am working on weight loss and that has produced some loose skin too. But most of all, my skin on my tummy was stretched beyond belief and I have stretch marks from having six kids (4 of my 6 babies were over 9 pounds!). So I was really excited to learn about these wraps that help heal stretch marks and nourish the skin, and help it to tighten and tone and regain its youth back.

The Wrap (2)

It is so easy to apply the wrap, and leave it on for at least 45 minutes (I used mine for 5 hours), and then watch the results that take place over the next 72 hours. The botanical lotion on the wrap gets absorbed into your skin to nourish it and continues to work for three whole days oning and tightening. My results: I lost one inch in the first 24 hours, and had lost another half inch the next 24 hours, and finally had a total loss of two and a half inches off my waist at 72 hours! That is incredible! I am ready to go again!

You can see amazing results too, even after just the first wrap, as your skin is nourished, tones, and tightens. Imagine a new youthful appearance to your waist, chin, arms, and anywhere else you want to firm up your skin. Don’t let this opportunity get away!

EVEN BETTER DEAL: It’s BOGO until the start of the New Year! Right now, there is a New Year’s Eve special that ends at midnight 12/31 for buy one box, get one box free. If you sign up as a wholesale member, you can get these wraps at this amazing deal. That is 8 wraps on sale for $59 or $7.38 each.

Wrap example (2)

This is an awesome deal and it only lasts until midnight 12/31, and you won’t have to go to a spa to get your amazing results. You can DIY! Pamper yourself for a fraction of the cost of the spa, and right in the convenience, comfort, and privacy of your own home. Here is a picture with some areas folks wrap. Where do you want to wrap?

You can message me to assist you, or you can sign up on your own as a wholesale member and loyal customer and then add on your BOGO right NOW!

SIGN UP and get your BOGO Wrap Sale NOW!

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Christmas Shopping

Can I help you with your Christmas shopping?

Christmas Gifts

I will help you find the perfect gift for your loved ones on your Christmas list.



You can find lots of great essential oils, vitamins and supplements, soaps, skin care, hair care, and more healthy living products to support your immune system and lifestyle for you and your loved ones at doTerra.

doTerra Diamond Kit



You can also pick up great healthy living items at ItWorks and while you are there, be sure to check out the WRAPS, natural super-food supplements, and body care products to make this coming year the best and healthiest year yet!  The most popular product is the Wrap Applicator which used to be sold in exclusive spas in Europe for over $300 and is available through ItWorks for $25 a piece. With products from ItWorks, you can create your own spa right at home for a fraction of the cost.

itWorks Pack


Garden Tower

Another great Christmas gift idea is a Garden Tower and try out a great way to capture water for your plants with the Rain Barrel.  You and your loved ones can grow organic food year around (indoors or outdoors) in these amazing vertical gardens. The Garden Tower holds 50 plants in less than 4 square feet.

Terracotta Composting 50-Plant Garden Tower by Garden Tower Project



Just For Kids:

A great idea for those all natural creative kids (your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, and neighbor kids too) in your life, is to get them kid friendly healthy living items from doTerra and ItWorks .  There are so many totally terrific items for kids available that will help them live a healthier life.

Also why not Give the gift of creativity with Green Kid Crafts!  These awesome arts, crafts, and educational activities are sure to please kids of all ages!

Another option is to purchase excellent resources from the Answers in Genesis Bookstore for folks of all ages too. They have books, CD’s, DVD’s, Games, and more, and there is something special for everyone!

If you need assistance, or have any questions, just leave me a message, and I will get in touch with you with great gifts options you will love and help you make this Christmas really special!


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Healthy Living Support

Hey Everyone,

I hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving holiday!

Many of you know my heart in helping people heal and stay healthy naturally. It has been a passion of mine for nearly 20 years. It helped me heal from 9 years of infertility, and so much more. My passion for natural remedies was birthed from watching my Grandmother. She loves herbs, homesteading, and healthy living and even wrote a book many years ago that she handed out at campgrounds and to friends and family.

My desire to help others live a healthy lifestyle also stemmed from working as the social service director first in a health department serving women and children (1991-1992), and then in a nursing facility (1993-1996) for the elderly and also for the mentally disabled and watching folks die from the side effects of being over medicated and downward spiral of medical conditions that were not improved by the dietary and pharmaceutical interventions.

Another huge influence on my journey was made by my husband’s mother. I cared for my mother in-law who had breast cancer for the last year of her life in my home (1996-1997), and with each chemo pill and pain pill she took, I watched the life in her eyes diminish bit by bit until she took her last breath in March of 1997. I was so broken hearted from loosing her and knew deep down there was a better way to deal with illness from some of the “all natural/ green living” friends I was making. Her death was the turning point for me to abandon cultural norms of hospitals and doctor’s offices to heal disease and instead view them as beneficial for trauma centers, but not healthly life centers.

In 1993-1997 I was friends with a 75 year old neighbor who had farmed organically all his life and sold Organic Gardner and Mother Earth News magazines for many years. He was “green” before anyone knew what it was to be green. He owned a campground near Muncie, IN and farmed and sold his produce to a local nursing home and folks who came to his campground and farm. I spent a lot of time learning from him and his wife. They gave me tips on organic gardening, pursuing a “greener” life, and really helped me a lot.

In 1995 I began meeting Amish folks who turned to natural medicine as the cure for most of their healthy living needs. This was life changing for me too. I would spend two or three days aweek in their homes learning. They thought they were just teaching me about making bread, canning, gardening, etc. But in reality, they were teaching me a life of healthy natural living I was dying to know. I did’t agree with the bondage of their Amish Church, instead I have freedom in Jesus, so that was not a draw for me. By watching them, I had made a connection with the knowledge of generations gone by who knew how to make home remedies to handle sickness, and knew how to eat to avoid most sickness. I found answers!

The life of living with locally raised food, home births, kids who were occupied with phycial self directed playtime, and also the productivity of chores instead of sitting with TV, who go to bed at a good hour and rise in the mornings rested, respect for each other, adults who came together as a community to support one another, and who found answers to thier sickness and diseases by using herbs and diet, were able to live a way of life that seldom needed attention from hospitals and regular checkups or sick visits to a clinic. This inspired me.

All Americans should have this knowledge. It is the knowledge all cultures possessed until just two hundred years ago, when western hospitals, doctors, and pharmacies became the focus of our faith. Somehow Americans have turned over their basic health care to the local doctor who is controlled to a high degree by pharmecutical companies selling man made synthetic ingredients to control disease, but never heal disease, and ultimately secondary side effects of those medications develop into knew life threatening disease and so on. When I left my carrer in the nursing facility, on average, each patient was taking 21 different prescription medications. Each medication had a side effect and needed a different medication to counteract it. This is the life today in America. It is no longer just the elderly who are over medicated, it is even our babies and children. Every public school and daycare now tells the parents their children must be vaccinated, and to put many of their kids on medication to make them sit still in a classroom. The numbers of kids on medications is astounding! Over use of medication is an epidemic in our country and it is getting worse. Babies are now vaccinated with over 40 man made toxic medications before the age of 2. Autism, a brain disorder that affects speach, behavior, and the ability to sit still now affect 1 in 48 boys and 1 in68 gilrs, or an average of 1 in 55 children. Do what? America, wake up!

After applying what I learned from the Amish and my organic focussed friends, I made some tough decisions. I stopped taking presecription medications for colds and flus. I stopped taking over the counter medications for headaches and other illnesses too. Instead, I found a natural medication in herbs and foods to deal with each illness that arose. I soon overcame infertility and became pregnant in 1999, and gave birth to our first child in 2000. That was a miricle. I had been married for 9 years with no pregnancy and the doctor diagnosed me as infertile. But I wasn’t infertile, instead I was malnurished and toxic from the American lifestyle. Once I detoxed and ate nourishing foods, my body did what it was designed to do, to heal and reproduce.

As more folks found out that I had been healed by the Lord and using the wisdom of returning to traditional foods (local food, grassfed meats, eggs, and raw milk, fermented foods, etc) and using herbs for tea and remedies for health, others wanted my resources and sales for food and herbs grew into a stronger business. By 2004 I opened a healthy food and herbal remedy store and coop called Weiser Natural Foods, and God has surely used these life experiences and knowledge to bless my life and many others I have shared with.

As you well know, seasons in our life change. The past few years of moving and having birthed 6 kids and 2 miscarriages have brought new challenges and adaptations. But some things never change, and I am still as passionate about healthy living and natural cures and raising natural foods as I have ever been. Though I don’t currently have a store walk in anymore, perhaps I will be able to open a walk in store again someday. For now I am getting resettled on a certified organic homestead in Richmond, Indiana and getting my feet back under me. I have dreams of a solar greenhouse, hydroponics and aquaponics, and educational workshops too. But until that day comes, I will be reaching out and sharing great products with you and teach healthy living tips, and help as many people as I can.

I have affiliate links to help you find the healthy products you need in my sidebar.

I am a distributor a couple of great companies too:

itWorks Body Wraps and healthy products


( and also for )

doTerra Essential Oils and more great healthy products


I would love to help you take care of your healthy living needs with wonderful wholesome products, and also help you get ready for the holidays with thoughtful gifts for yourself and your family and friends.

Both of these companies offer some amazing gift packs and specials for the holidays. These gifts really make a difference in your health and wellbeing. These products will also help boost your immune system and help you stay healthy through the holidays and winter season.

Some of the great features of the itWorks body wraps include helping you tone and tighten areas of your body. It is a botanically based cloth that you can place anywhere on the body that you want to tone and tighten the skin and reduce cellulite. It helps reduce the appearance of cellulite with a great herbal lotion. It can work wonders with your weight loss goals and I am thrilled to include this product in my toolbox of healthy living.

Some of the great features of the doTerra essential oils are purifying the air in your home, pain management, mood management, focus and attention, remedies for common ailments including colds, flu, and ear infections, weight loss support, healing of glands and systems of the body like the thyroid,adrenal glands, lymph system, and immune system, and so much more.

I will post more about these great products in the days and weeks ahead. I would love to talk with you more about them. You can shop from home at the links posted above, or feel free to contact me with questions too. I just wanted to give you a heads up, and if you are interested in following my healthy life journey you can follow along on my website at www.weiseracademy.com

I would love to talk with you more about healthy living support. I am glad to talk online, or by phone, or if you are local to my area we can host workshops at your home, or church, or club with your family and friends too. Just let me know how I can help you.

Please PM me through Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/weiseracademy, or email (weiseracademy at aol dot com), or stop in at the product links for information about each of the products I sell, and contact me there with questions too. I can get you set up with everything you need to reach your healthy living goals.

I look forward to working with you.

Be blessed!

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