Sports Car Repetition

I thought he would be a little older before a sports car caught his eye.  

But, (sigh) at two years old, he found a special one.  Let’s face it, guys love cars! 

It was a gray convertible, slick, shinny, and smooth.  It had been given to his older brother, and later was discarded.  It was found in the bottom of the toy box.  

He promptly claimed it for his own.  It fascinated him for several hours on this day.  He played in the living room, in the kitchen, and in the bedroom, making noises of the engine.   He put a toy man in the car to drive it as he pushed it along in each room. 

I’m not complaining.  It is great when he really plays and uses his imagination and lets mommy get something else done.  There are days when all I get done is holding, feeding, changing, reading, playing, etc.  He usually sticks pretty close to mom. 

But this day, for several hours, he was very independent.  

This play was great for his development.  He was navigating the car around obstacles, (and family members) in each room.  We talked about the color of the car and practiced saying the color.  We talked about the wheels and how they go around in a circle.  We talked about the steering wheel that controls the direction the wheels go.  We named the windows, lights, seats, and doors.  So much to learn about this shinny sports car, it kept him busy, and he was having a lot of fun.

After a little while, I walked out of the room and he was sitting in a chair at the table, driving his car along in front of him.  I came back in, and as I got around the corner, I could not believe my eyes……..

He was on the table, driving his car in a different way.  It caught me off guard to see him up high on the table, bigger than anything else in the room. 

I told him he needed to sit in the chair to play at the table.   He told me very seriously, he “had to go to work.” 

Before I knew it, I was laughing so hard that I had tears in my eyes.  While he was telling me about it, I grabbed the camera.

Position the car…..

Open the door…..

Shut the door…..

Climb in (on)….

Go (drive) to work…..

Open the door…..
Get out of (off) the car….
Shut the door……

Do it again.

This was serious business.  He had repeated the steps over, and over, and had it down to a science. 

He expected praise for his great accomplishment, and his “shinny” new ride he aquired to get to work.  

He couldn’t understand why I would not stop laughing.

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