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We met at the park today for Take Action Tuesday and hosted a Soccer Workshop.  We had 23 homeschool kids attend the park get together.   15 homeschool kids participated in the Soccer Workshop.  We actually had more kids signed up for the workshop, but several families did not come out because of the drizzling rain.  We also had almost 20 kids whose parents had a scheduling conflict and expressed they wanted to come, but couldn’t make this date.  So hopefully we can do this Soccer Workshop again soon and get all the kids there at the same time. 

Take Action Tuesday is a homeschool outreach program I host with the help of my family in the park each week.  We meet for two hours and various families come each week, depending on their personal schedules.  We have had as few as 20 kids and parents to as many as 130.  We average around 40 kids plus parents each week.  The goal is to provide fun physical education, learning programs and activities, support, and fellowship opportunities.

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We still have 2 more official days of summer left.  Hold on fall weather!  We aren’t ready for damp and cold days yet!

We had two professional soccer coaches come out to the park today to work with the kids.  I was really impressed with how well they spoke to the kids, captured and kept their attention, and kept them busy the whole time.  As a parent, it was a joy just to watch.   We were so blessed to have these great coaches come out and share with us today.

On the right of the above photo is Leon O’neill.  I am very humbled by this young man’s accomplishments.  It is truly amazing how much he has achieved in his young life and is now dedicated to seeing youth succeed in his footsteps.  If you would like to read about him, here is a link to his biography

On the left is James, and he is a recent college graduate, an experienced soccer player, and a full time trainer with the soccer club under the direction of Leon. 

I just want to say thankyou to both of these young men for coming out today and working with our kids to teach them about the sport of soccer.

They started off with giving each kid a soccer ball.

The kids learned lots of new skills.

Some of the skills they learned with the soccer ball included (this list is per what the kids explained to me later, so I hope it is not to far off from what the coaches actually called these moves and said to the kids), toe tap, cut back, foot stop, turn around, backwards roll, dribble, and several more moves they didn’t remember the names of.  Game positions they learned about: goalie, defense, offense, sweeper.

After practicing several skills with the ball, they divided into two teams and played against each other using their new skills! 

The kids did a great job playing their soccer game.

They applied what the coaches taught them, and had so much fun in the process.

And Zoe kicked the winning goal to end the game.  Great job!
Yeah!   They all had a blast!

I really liked how relaxed the coaches were, and they were happy to talk with parents and answer questions too.  I really hope we can have these coaches back again for more fun activity programs in the park.

If you would like to learn more about the Henderson County Parks and Rec soccer program please see their website here Henderson County Soccer

After the workshop, the kids had more free play in the playground.  The light drizzle of rain had cleared off, and the kids really enjoyed playing together. 

And some played games under the picnic shelter.

Some of the kid’s shared their thoughts with me about today:

Alexander said “I had a great time.”

Jack said “My shoes got wet, but I had a lot of fun.”

John said “I had the best time learning how to play soccer.  I can’t wait to do it again! I really liked my coach.  This was my first time to play soccer.  I did not know there was so much to learn with the ball.  That was amazing to me.  I would really like for Mr. Leon and Mr. James to come again, and to tell them thankyou for this wonderful day.”

James said “The soccer day was a lot of fun.  I learned some neat techniques with the ball.  I didn’t know I could do that.  It was fun to have a competition between two teams of my friends.  I would like to learn more about playing soccer.  I would like the coaches to come again next week.  It would be nice if they would come again.”

And several parents expressed how much fun they had too!

I always enjoy seeing these great homeschool families, sharing their learning adventures, and being active together each week.

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    That was so much fun!  The kids had such a good time.  I hope we can have several more of these soccer workshops. 


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