Snowman Craft

Want to build a snowman without getting cold?

Try this fun craft.

You will need construction paper, copy paper, three circle shapes of different sizes, scissors, glue stick, pencil, and a great big smile.

We did this activity with tot school, preschool, kindergarten, second grade, and fourth grade.

Tear off a strip of white copy paper to make snow on the ground of your picture. 

Glue the snow ground onto the construction paper background color of your choice.  My 3 year old chose light blue to represent the color of the sky outside our window. 

Trace the three circle shapes onto the white paper.  We talked about how the circles were small, medium, and large.   I helped my daughter hold the shape with one hand and used my other hand to help her hold the pencil as we went around the shape.

I cut out the circles for her. 

Later we took a practice piece of paper and she practiced tracing circles and cutting them out on her own.  They did not quite look like circles when whe was done, as she did not have the control to turn the scissors to follow the curve.  She was a little frustrated that she could not recreate the cut out circle, but I reminded her with practice, she will be able to do it.

She did a very good job gluing on her circles.

Well, in her mind, all snowmen are really snow women, and she asked for pink and red for her snow person.

She decided on a pink hat, pink buttons, pink scarf, red mittens, and red shoes.

Meet Mrs. Snow Woman!

I helped her make some snow flakes, and snowman details. 

She glued everything on herself except for the mouth.  She did a great job.

Variation to what my 3 year old did, was to take my 2 year old’s hand with a blue crayon turned on its side, and drag it across the white paper.  This gave the page a blue and white color pattern and was great fun for him.  Then he glued his circles onto his snowman.

I was really surprised how well he kept his glue stick on the circle and followed the shape.  He is very good at copying his older siblings and this helped today as he saw what they did, he repeated and did a great job.  He knew right where to place his circles.  What is it about a snowman that children seem to know just where to place the circles?  This is a good activity for kids.

He placed his own circles for the snowman.  I helped him place his nose, mouth, and scarf.  He placed the other details of eyes, buttons, hat, and snow flakes. 

Another cool thing we did, was put some snowflakes under the paper and colored over them on the top paper and the design of the snow flake showed up on the top piece.  Then he glued on a few snow flakes too.

He was so proud of his creation.  I have a dozen pictures similar to this one.  He smiled as big as he could and carried around his art work to show everyone.

My six year old wanted to create a cowboy snowman.  His mind is always thinking cowboys. 


His creation has a sheriff badge, a belt, a cowboy hat, a bandana, and cowboy boots. 

I recall a discussion of how to make a snowman cowboy ride a horse, but alas, he gave up on the idea, as the snowman might roll off as his legs would be too short to straddle the saddle.    We also thought he had to leave his gun at home as his mittens might hinder his quick draw.  Whew!  I dodged the bullet on that one.

My 8 year old wanted an authentic looking snowman.  He was sure to add the details to his carrot, and use lumps of coal for the decorations. 

A really cool thing he did was to make his snow flakes crinkle and 3 dimensional, by using tape instead of glue.  (Also another way of saying he got tired of the glue sticking to his hands.)  The effects of using the tape on the snowflakes was really neat.  It made them shimmer, and puffy compared to the rest of his picture. 

Way to go!

Here is my serious artist.  He is 10 and a perfectionist in his creations.  So his took a “loooooong” time to make.   He has a corny sense of humor too, and is very independent.  His snowman was like a Sherlock Homes character.

His details are miniature compared to the other snowmen.  Itty bitty buttons.  Itty bitty hat.  Itty bitty scarf.  And a candy “cane”.

He is not done with his masterpiece.  He plans to add trees, perhaps a snow rabbit and birds, and more details later.  But Mom wanted to get a picture so here it is in this early stage.

What a fun time we had playing and building snowmen, without using the actual cold wet stuff.

I love how each child’s personality came through in making their own personal snowperson.

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11 thoughts on “Snowman Craft

  1. Weiser Academy

    Thank you Maggy,

    I was pleasantly surprised how pleased the kids were with their art.  I think it is really easy to forget how much art brings pleasure into our lives.  It is a great creative outlet and the children learn so much in the process. 

    Thank you for encouraging art in our lives everyday.


  2. Weiser Academy

    Canning lids are very easy for toddlers to hold onto.  It helps them visualize what is happening too, as they can see the paper through the middle. 


  3. Pip

    popped over from Nurture store. Loving the snowmen and the different take on it that each child chose! I will be saving this blog to my faves!!


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