See It and Say It Flip Flop Spanish Review

I love products that make learning fun!  It really excites me to share the news about fun homeschool products that my kids and I have enjoyed with you.  This school year, we are making a lot of progress in learning new words in Spanish.  We have been using See It and Say It Flip Flop Spanish by Flip Flop Learning


                See It and Say It Flip Flop Spanish
                For ages 3 to adult
                Retails $129
                On sale for $99

What Is Included:

For this review, I received a wonderful box of goodies to teach Spanish to my kids.


See It Say It Flip Flop Spanish curriculum kit includes:
    Rojo flash Cards (retails $11.95)
    Azul Flash Cards (retail $9.95)
    Verde Flash Cards (retail $9.95)
    4 Vocabulary Audio CD’s (retail $ 6.95 each), 
    A huge printed curriculum teaching manual that was hole punched and 
    ready to place in my own binder, 
    Dry erase write on
wipe off paddle  (retails $4.95) and a marker.

Additional items you will need:
3 ring binder to hold the printed curriculum, CD plastic holder page, and the two pocket pages for making sentences.
Index cards (a pack of blank index cards for some of the lessons)
Audio player / or Computer with a CD player to hear the audio CDs
Optional: notebook and pencil to practice writing their words
Optional: notebook or sketchbook and crayons or colored pencils to draw
Optional: computer or typewriter to type their words

Here is a short video about using Flip Flop Spanish.


How We Are Using It:

We are using Flip Flop Spanish during our morning Circle Time.  Sitting together during the morning circle time is a great way to use this product with multiple ages.

The curriculum is intended to last 45 weeks, or two full years of school.  It is flexible though and you can go at your own pace.  The two year structure is set up as: 
            Semester 1: Lessons 1-12 and CD 1
            Semester 2: Lessons 13-22 and CD 2
            Semester 3: Lessons 23-34 and CD 3
            Semester 4: Lessons 25-45 and CD 4

Each lesson takes 3 days to complete.  You could do these on a schedule of consecutive days such as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday; or use a schedule with a day off in between the lessons(this is the way we are doing it): Monday, Wednesday, and Friday schedule.  Just be sure to use it 3 days each week. 

Each day includes 3 or 4 steps to make the learning easy and fun.  It couldn’t be more simple!  This product is so easy to use.  Before each lesson, I set out the designated flash cards and CD.  That’s it.  Easy peasy!

Here is our weekly schedule:
Day 1:  Monday
Step 1 Read the curriculum manual
Step 2 Pick out the corresponding flash cards
Step 3 Play the corresponding CD and follow the instructions we hear.

Day 2: Wednesday
Step 1 Read the curriculum manual
Step 2 Pick out the corresponding flash cards
Step 3 Play the corresponding CD and follow the instructions we hear.

Step 4 Play around with the words, and lay out new sentences and have fun with the words we are learning.

Day 3: Friday
Step 1 Read the curriculum manual
Step 2 Pick out the corresponding flash cards
Step 3 Mom or older brother reads the manual to the kids and calls out the words on the flash cards. 

Step 4 Play together using the words you have learned.  Play with the write on wipe off paddle that came with the kit.  This paddle is great for playing pictionary games, writing out answers to questions, and use it for other subjects as well like math. Play free games found on , workbook activities from Flip Flop Spanish Workbook, or any other Spanish curriculum and supplements you choose (I am using several free fun movies and videos from youtube to supplement our learning). 

We are making progress because learning with Flip Flop Spanish is about relationships:

I really liked this description from the website: “Spanish for Children resources are sometimes too advanced, sometimes too silly, sometimes just plain boring… but Flip n Flop Learning overcomes all that by basing language acquisition on your relationship with your child, as well as fun, proven activities!” 

Flip Flip Learning is the creation of “Senora Gross” also known as Susan Gross.  Be sure to
read more about  her and the method and mission of Flip Flop Learning resources.   Be sure to follow on Facebook, Twitter.  

Tips and Games for using with Flip Flop Learning products can be found on their website. Check out the new iphone app and it’s features.  Also be sure to take advantage of the free shipping offer on all orders over $45 on their website. 
We are having lots of fun!  The kids don’t even realize they are doing school work.  They think they are learning games and playing games. This is a great product for homeschools.  It can be used by the whole family. 


This is a great curriculum.  I definitely recommend this product for homeschools, schools, after schools programs, nursing home activity programs, and preschools too, and much more.


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