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We recently had the opportunity to review Say Anything Family. 





Say Anything Family is a silly game of speaking whatever comes to mind when you are asked a question from the card pile.  Some of the questions include things like “When socks disappear in the dryer, where do they go?” and “What would be the worst thing to add to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?” 

There is no correct answer.  Instead a “most liked” answer is chosen by a judge.  One of the players is designated as a judge and secretly chooses which answer they like the best.  The rest of the players have to guess which answer the judge chose, and place tokens on their choice.  They can place tokens on more than one answer.  They can win upto 3 points if they guess the correct choice.  For each round, a new judge is chosen.  The game is over once everyone has asked two questions.  The player with the most points wins the game.

The game is recommended for for ages eight and up, and does require skills such as being able to read and write.  The game comes with question cards, answer boards, dry erase markers, select-o-matic, score board and is recommended for 3 to 6 players.

Several of the North Star Games are available online and through various participating retailers.  Say Anything retails for $19.99 and can also be found at stores such as Target, and Amazon.

What we thought?

We played this game with four players, (boy 11, boy 9, boy 6, and mom 41).  We honestly tried to get into the way the game is played, but it just did not seem to “click” for my family at this time, and I think it was just because the game questions are open ended, and requires more abstract thinking.  We will try this game again at a later time as the kids develop more in these skills.

I can see where this game would be fun to play at a party, and especially with a group of teens or young adults.  However, this game was more ambiguous for my kids to get the hang of, because the answers are not based on any specific truth, but based on what the judge likes.  For each round of questions and answers, the judge changes, and you don’t know if your answer will be liked or not. 

I would recommend this game for families with teens, groups of older teens and adults for a party setting, and a group setting for couples (date night).  I would also recommend this game for group of older kids who need to get to know each other better.  But I would not specifically recommend the game for a family setting with younger kids (younger than teens), because they are not able to process why someone likes one answer over another, and why all the answers are different and there is no correct answer.


I was provided with a copy of Say Anything Family in exchange for writing an honest review.  Everything written is my own honest opinion.

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