Raw Milk Is Real Milk

                         My Favorite Drink:
                        FRESH RAW MILK  


M and M Dairy has wonderful milk from Holstein cows that graze on over 100 acres of beautiful grassland. 

I have personally looked over their farm, interviewed the owners, and wrote a story about them and their animals.  You can read that story here.  

This table is a direct quote from their website:

Comparison of Raw Milk vs. Pasteurized/Homogenized Milk

Raw Milk



All  available to your body

<10% remain.  Necessary to help digest food


100% present (all 22 amino acids)

Severely altered, much less available to your body


All 500 saturated & unsaturated Fats available.  (Fatty acids are the source of all flavor & all fat-soluble vitamins.  Fatty acids are essential for every body cell to function.)

Homogenization breaks up the fat particles and makes them more damaging to the arteries and heart.


100% available:  Calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, chloride, sulphur.  Also: trace minerals!

Calcium is altered, leaving only 50% or less absorbed by the body.  Other minerals are less available, as well.  Also, enzymes are lost that serve as catalysts for the assimilation of minerals into your body.


All fat and water-soluble vitamins are 100% available to your body.

Up to 66% loss of Vitamins A, D, & E.  Loss of Vitamin C > 50%.  All water-soluble vitamins are lost at 38-80%.  Vitamins B-6 & B-12 are virtually destroyed!


The lactose in raw milk is slowly and safely absorbed.  Many lactose-intolerant people can safely drink raw milk.

The Lactose is more rapidly absorbed, possibly leading to various health problems.  The easy and fast absorption of lactose is also believed by many doctors to cause lactose sensitivity and intolerance in many people.


95% of the bacteria in raw milk is good for you.  This good bacteria also retards the growth of any possible bad bacteria in the milk.  Raw milk will keep for several weeks in the refrigerator.  Even sour raw milk us usually safe!

No good bacteria remain to retard the growth of the bad bacteria.  Therefore, the only bacteria that grows back is pathogenic.  Sour pasteurized milk is always dangerous!

This milk is wonderful.   Natural, Raw, Delicious, Very impressive! 

The watered down over cooked stuff you buy in the grocery store, just doesn’t come anywhere close to the quality and nutrition of fresh raw milk. 

You can see pictures of their farm, find directions, and read about their milk
on the M and M Dairy website.

Another star producer in the RAW MILK industry…..

Milky Way Farm has wonderful fresh raw milk from Jersey cows.  Ohhhhhh.  So delicious.

Their website states
“On average, Jersey milk also contains:
20% more protein
20% more calcium
25% more butterfat than most other milks”

Yeah, thats the way I like it, creamy and full flavored. 

Literally 1/4 of the gallon is full of cream compared to about 1/6 on the gallon from the holstein cows.  You can dip it off and make it into butter or whip cream if you want to.  But we just shake and pour. 

My children love it!

Here is a quote from the Milky Way Farm website 

“Raw milk in its natural, unaltered state is taken straight from the cow. That means the milk is not pasteurized or homogenized (to blend the milk and fat), and is minimally processed (usually just filtered and bottled with no additives). Milky Way raw milk is chilled to 40 degrees or below within seconds of leaving the cow, allowing no time for bacteria to multiply. When kept in your refrigerator at 40 degrees or below, this milk will last for three to four weeks – although you’ll probably drink it long before that! “

                        We sure drink it up!!!

Both of these brands of raw milk have stayed fresh at least two weeks in my refrigerator.  We drink it all by then, so I can’t say if it keeps longer or not.   We travel once every two weeks to pick up a new supply.  It takes several gallons a week to support our large family.  We use up our two week supply, and then head on over to the farms for another fresh supply.

           I love both of these brands of raw milk !

What can you do with raw milk?

Drink It

Or, make it into fresh nourishing products such as:

Whip Cream
Butter Milk
    This is a wonderful drink and has many healing properties.
    This promotes a healthy digestive system with good bacteria.
Yogurt Cheese
Cream Cheese
    You know the expensive kind you buy at the store?  Thats right.  Easy peasy right in your own kitchen!
    Cheddar, Colby, Swiss, Feta, Mozzarella, and a hundred more.
Cottage Cheese
Sour Cream
Pima Cream
Cream Fresh
Cream Pie
Warm milk at bedtime
    Yeah, you got it.  It makes you sleep like a baby.  
    I barely warm the raw milk and add a little raw honey to taste. 
Hot Chocolate
    My kids can’t get enough of this delicious treat.  See how we make it with kids in the kitchen here.
Mocha Latte
    A daily routine.  I will post my recipe here.
     Ok, I admit this is my favorite food.  EVER!  I will post my favorite nourishing ice cream recipe here.
     It is so simple to make.  Only 3 ingredients unless you want to add more.
     I just love nourishing potato soup made with raw milk.  See my recipe here.
Mashed potatoes
Scalloped potatoes
Bread recipes
    Check out my wonderful Breakfast Rolls with Kefir Frosting.  
    The kids will beg for more!  See my recipehere.

Both of these milks can be purchased affordably at  $4.50 a gallon.  You can buy it straight from the cooler on the farm, or buy them from several markets in South Carolina.

In the scriptures God told the Israelites that he was giving them a land flowing with “milk and honey.”  This is a good and perfect gift created by God and given to man.  

In its natural state, milk is a perfect, healthy, life giving food.  Man has messed it up with small confinement of animals, large herds without enough room, grain feeding, pipelines and processing, bacteria, contamination, heating, destroying, re-adding, re-mixing, homogenizing, warehousing, packaging, storing, shipping…….it was never meant to be this complicated….it was never meant to be this way….milk was a good and perfect gift to man.

Want to find a good source of fresh raw milk near where you live?

Try these sources:

Local Harvest    
Click on the link and enter the local area you are searching for raw milk.


Real Milk       
Click on your state or a state nearby to find raw milk products.

Answers to questions:  What Is Real Milk?

Further Reading

The Benefits Of Drinking Raw Milk

Another great resource of information is the Weston A Price Foundation and their wonderful cookbook Nourishing Traditions.

Disclaimer:  Consult your physician before making any changes in your diet and life style. If you have a health condition that suppresses your immune system, talk with your doctor before using any raw food. 

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