Pumpkin Science Craft

We recently held a Pumpkin Science program in the park.  You can read about it here

To reinforce our science learning of the parts of a pumpkin, we made this fun pumpkin craft at home.

Vocabulary we are learning:
Skin or Shell
Pulp or Flesh
Seeds  (seed coat and nut)
Brains (slimy stringy stuff)
Cavity (holds the brains and seeds)

This craft was so much fun to make.  We started by tracing a large circle on orange construction paper.   We used a variety of circle shapes from around the house, such as bowls, saucer from a planter, and canning rings to trace our circles for different sized pumpkins.  But for the sake of this specific craft, the saucer was the right size.

Next, we drew the lines and shaded in parts of our pumpkin to look like a pumpkin before it has been cut open.  See pictures of this part farther down below.  This will be the back side of our pumpkin craft.

Next, we cut out seed shapes from an off white construction paper and glued them onto the other side of our pumpkin.

Next, glue on strips of yarn.

Here is one finished side.  This side shows the skin or shell, with its bumps, lines (called ribs), color variations, and the stem.

Here is the other finished side, and resembles the inside of the pumpkin that the children discovered during our Pumpkin Science program last week.

This side shows the flesh, pulp, brains (slimy strands), seeds (seed coat, and nut), cavity, surrounded by the outer skin (shell).

My nine year old wanted to do his own version of what he saw inside the pumpkin last week when he first opened one.

He was really proud of his creation.  He used a pencil to draw the ribs and bumps on the skin.  Then he cut the lid off his pumpkin and glued on brains to the lid that he made from paper.  He glued seeds onto his paper brains too.

Good Job!

So, there you have two fun craft options for recreating and studying the parts of a pumpkin.

If you would like the recipe to one of our favorite snacks, Pumpkin Bars, check out the link here.

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