Preparation Resources For Annual Academic Testing For Children

To all who need test preparation resources,

I just recieved an email from the Erskine Family (HomeschoolFreebieOfTheDay) for a great  free  resource at the  Shared School  website:

This is an excerpt from their website:

“Use these practice exams to prepare for your state’s assessment exam”

“Every state prepares their own state assessment exams to measure their students’ progress. As a nation we spend over a half billion dollars every year creating theses exams. For core subjects, these exams are relevant regardless of where you live – so we’ve cross referenced all of the released state assessment exams from within the United States.

Whether you are a student, teacher or parent, you will find hundreds of sample exams here for your reference, indexed by grade and subject.”


Just put into the search engine what grade you are looking for and it will give you hundreds of sample tests you can copy and use.  These are great! 

You can use them to give the kids a practice test or you could use them as part of their curriculum and use them as additional worksheets. 

You can also search specific tests like questions for the CST , ISAT, and many other exams and so on and be specific about what state , and what subject, you are looking for. 

There are other resources on their site as well, such as curriculum standards that may be helpful in your lesson/grade planning. 

Some of it may not be applicable, but some of it is great.

Your State May Not Require Testing!
Check with your state home school laws to see what is required.  Some states don’t require testing.  Others require it on different levels.  In North Carolina, where we live, we are required to take a national standardized test each year, and keep the results on file for one year.

Here is the direct link for the Homeschool Freebie of the Day by the Erskine Family whom I received the above resource.

and if you subscribe to their newsletter they will send you great resources.

My children are enjoying a true tale of a pirate story and map to color from them this week.

They also have a radio program at

Be Blessed!

Please share.

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