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I don’t like swallowing a big pill!  But when you are pregnant, it seems the only choices for a prenatal vitamin taste like YUCK! and are really big pills, or 6 pills to equal the really big pill.  Don’t even get me started on the taste that just makes your nausea a never ending saga. 

I am so happy to learn the news of expecting a new baby, yet I dread taking prenatal vitamins that are supposed to help me and the baby through out the pregnancy.  Prenatal vitamins steel much of the joy, because they are such a pain to swallow and make me feel like puking all day long.

I tried liquid vitamins, but they always contain preservatives, like benzoates, that I am allergic to.  I end up with muscle aches and other side effects from the preservatives they use to keep the product from spoiling.

I always told my husband if they could just put the important ingredients in a powder without preservatives, and if I could hide it in my juice, it would be great.  I did find a vitamin powder during my last pregnancy but it tasted and smelled worse than the horsepills!  And it wouldn’t dissolve so it floated on top of my drink.  I tried to hide it with crushed ice, but as I crunched the ice the undissolved powder felt gritty and still tasted bad.  No mater how long I looked or what product I tried I could not find a good solution for me.

Now, I have found a prenatal vitamin that is all natural, free of preservatives, in powdered form that dissolves and is orderless and flavorless, though they are working on creating a flavored product too.  It is called Premama.

If you are pregnant and need some relief from really big pills and awful tasting vitamins, you might want to check out Premama.  Their slogan is “Goodbye, prenatal horsepills.  Hello Premama.”

Premama Prenatal Vitamins are a flavorless powdered drink mix.  It comes in convenient pre-measured packs so you always take the exact amount you need, and you can take it with you in your purse or where ever you go.   You can mix it into 12 oz of juice, fruit flavored beverages, ice tea, and milk. 

Here is quote about Premama from their website:

“Doctor-recommended Premama is a flavorless, prenatal vitamin drink mix. It is complete with key prenatal vitamins and minerals—including folic acid, iron, DHA, CoQ10 and calcium—that help greatly reduce the chances of some birth defects, when taken appropriately. Premama’s ingredients have also been shown to help relieve common prenatal vitamin side-effects, such as nausea and constipation.

Each daily serving of Premama may be consumed in two equally divided doses. Processed in FDA-regulated facilities, Premama also contains USP Verified and Food and Drug Administration GRAS nutrients not typically found in combination with other prenatal supplements.

Key ingredients include

  • Biotin: May help support embryo growth*1
  • B Vitamins: Help provide energy*
  • DHA Omega-3 fatty acid: Suggested to support fetal cognitive development and protection against postpartum depression*2,3
  • Vitamin D3: Supports mom and baby’s bone health*
  • Proprietary Iron blend: Can help lower the risk of preterm birth and low birth-weight; gentle on the system*4
  • Coenzyme Q10: May help protect against preeclampsia during pregnancy*5
  • Choline: Used, along with folic acid, to help further protect against neural tube defects*6
  • Ginger Root: Helps with nausea relief*7
  • Folic Acid: Clinically proven to reduce the risk of some birth defects by up to 70%*8,9 “

Though I am not currently pregnant, I am nursing my baby.  It is recommended that all women of childbearing age take prenatal vitamins from age 15 to 50.  Taking prenatal vitamins can help reduce the risk of birth defects and as many as 50% of women become pregnant without intending to become pregnant. 

Wow, before researching this, I did not realize that 50% of pregnancies are unplanned.  I personally plan that everytime I am intimate, I may become pregnant, therefore I am always expecting to be pregnant.  I guess it is just a different way of looking at life and my role as a wife and mother.  But I know most women today in our modern culture don’t expect to be pregnant from being intimate.

So if you are a female, whether you are pregnant, nursing, intimate and expecting to get pregnant or not, or between the ages of 15-50, it is recommended by lots of doctors and the March Of Dimes, that you take a daily prenatal vitamin.

I sure wish this product had been available when I began using prenatal vitamins.  So many times I skipped taking my vitamins because I could not stomach the smell, the taste, and the awful chore of swallowing the vitamins.  This is so easy to mix into my juice and drink it.

Here are some pictures of my Premama vitamin powder, and I mixed it into 12 oz of organic orange juice.  YUMM!  I have never said that about a prenatal vitamin before.  Oh, Oh, Oh, I am so thrilled!

Here I put the powder on black paper so you can see the it up close.  It is about a tablespoon worth and comes prepackaged in these little packets.

  Here is the vitamin packet sitting next to my juice. Here I poured it into the juice but didn’t stir.

Here I have stirred it with my spoon.  It completely disolved in just a few stirs.  Wow.  The juice tastes the same.  There is no change in flavor or texture of the juice.  I drank it all down and it was delicioius.

Check out this nutrition label from the Premama prenatal vitamin.  


This product is gluten free and preservative free too!   Keeping it gluten free is wise because so many people have trouble with gluten, and this product will be able to reach the needs of more people. 

I am on a mission to tell moms everywhere about Premama.  I no longer have to worry about the side effects of preservatives in vitamins, or about taking huge smelly pills that cause me to gag.  Now, taking my vitamins is as simple as drinking my favorite drink.

Premama retails for $25 for a 1 month supply.  You can buy a 3, 6, or 9 month supply and receive FREE SHIPPING.   You also receive a big discount when you order 6 month supply (save $25) or a 9 month supply (save $50). 

Now for some more really exciting news.  Premama is offering ONE of my readers a free 30 day supply of Premama Prenatal Vitamins.

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Disclosure:  I recieved a 14 day supply of Premama in exchange for writing an honest review and hosting this giveaway. All opinions are my own honest opinion. 

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