Pay It Forward Contest

Hey everyone,

This is my first time to do this, but here it goes…….

I have joined a Pay If Forward contest with other bloggers.  I learned about this contest from the Teach Preschool website.

Here is the contest as posted:

Pay it Forward: The first FIVE bloggers to follow the directions below, will get something handmade for free from me!

In order to get something handmade from me, you need to be one of the first FIVE bloggers to make the following promise on your blog…

“I promise something handmade to the FIRST 5 BLOGGERS who leave a comment here.”

To be eligible, you must repost this message, offering something handmade to 5 other people.

The rules are:
     1) that it must be handmade by you, 
     2) and it must be sent to your 5 giftees sometime in 2011!

If you would like to join me and the other bloggers who are PAYING IT FORWARD, 
    A) then go to your blog – write a “Pay it Forward” post similar to this one. 
     then come back here and leave a comment below, with a link
         to your Pay it Forward blog post.

The FIRST FIVE BLOGGERS who make their “Pay it Forward” promise through their blog, will receive something handmade from me sometime this year. 

Be sure to come back here and let me know you have written a post and the link to your post.

Please join me and lets Pay it Forward…

Please share.
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I am a sinner, saved by grace. I am on a journey and offer to share my story with the hope that it will bless you. My one desire is to bring glory to my creator. I am a wife and the mother of 6 children, plus two in heaven. I enjoy homeschooling, research, teaching, homesteading, natural gardening, grass based farming, cooking, fresh raw milk, herbs, children, midwifery, and music. I am a writer, biblical mentor, and also work part time in the healthy foods and vitamin business I have a BSW degree from Kansas State University, and trained professionally as a medical social worker, biblical counselor, tutor, and vocal performer. Thank you for stopping by to read about our homeschool and family life adventures. Be blessed!

2 thoughts on “Pay It Forward Contest

  1. Weiser Academy

    Oh they are high, real high!  A preschool teacher with great ideas, its going to be great and I can’t wait to see what you come up with!!!


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