NC Mountain State Fair Rides & Fun

We enjoyed the NC Mountain State Fair over the course of two weekends.  My favorite was the evening of Saturday, September 17th.  It was such a beautiful evening. 

After the kids showed their turkeys earlier in the day, another homeschool family was headed home and gave us their left-over fair tickets for some rides that they were not going to use.  

We were so BLESSED!  We bought another $20 worth of tickets and put it with their gift.  We had enough for each of our kids to ride three rides a piece.  Some rides took 3 tickets, but most rides took 4.  The kids carefully selected which rides they would use their tickets on. 

There were lots of options to choose from.  There were ferris wheels, sky lift rides, pirate ship, and lots of things that went up in the air and turned you upside down in cages, etc.  So many rides and options were there, that I did not get pictures of all of them.

My kids chose some pretty tame rides compared to several of the options.  I was so glad they did not choose the cages that went upsidedown.  Whew!

The first ride they chose was the bumper cars.  Our third grader was fascinated with how the electrical current went through the ceiling.  He plowed into everyone once the ride got started.  But he really studied how it all worked beforehand.

The fifth grader took the four year old with him and she told him who to bang into.  She thought this was great fun to try to crash into her brothers.

And the first grader caused major traffic jams everywhere he went.  He banged into everyone.

For the next ride, the bigger boys chose the Himalaya Roller Coaster. 

And the toddlers chose the merry-go-round.

The older boys in their showing outfits, white shirts, black pants, and boots. 

Two of the boys chose the flying swings.

One son liked it, and one son was completely bored.

The kids could not get enough, and wanted to ride every ride, especially the four year old.  She started fussing and begged for every ride she saw.  At this point, you are ready to call it a day.  Finally she stopped fussing and accepted she was only going to get to ride three rides.

I have never seen her so dizzy as she was after the Tubs Of Fun ride.  She could not walk a straight line for several minutes.  Brother, age six, got an extra chance to ride, by riding with her on this one.  The youngest brother, age two, decided he did not want to ride anymore.

The oldest son chose the Black Widow as his last ride.  This one definitely made him sick to his stomach.  It never stopped spinning him around.

The kids worked hard to care for their animals and train to show them at the fair.  In addition to all the effort that was made ahead of time, we spent 10 hours on Saturday September 10th at the goat show, and another 9 hours at the poultry and turkey show on the 17th.  We also did several educational activities at the fair and I will write another story to showcase those.  Riding some fun fair rides, and enjoying being together, was a sweet ending to celebrate all their hard work, and to our time at the fair. 

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