Motivated Moms Review

Do you struggle staying motivated?  I recently learned about a company called Motivated Moms that wants to help you get and stay motivated.  

Do you find it challenging to get organized?  As mom’s we have a lot of different roles and responsibilities to organize:  Mom / Parent; Wife (or single mom); Household Engineer; Maid; Shofer or Taxi; Personal Chef; and more.  Moms seem to have “umpteen million” tasks we do over and over, espeacially when our children are young. Sometimes it is hard to organize those tasks and sometimes it is just down right hard to get motivated to complete another day of them.

Some times in my life, my own needs go unmet so that I can take care of the needs of others, and I am sure there are many moms just like me struggling to keep a balance. Perhaps if we could manage our time better, reorganize our priorities, and remember what things have to get done while letting other things go if needed, we could squeeze in a little more time for Mom (or Dad), and perhaps get more time for our daily devotions and coffee! Amen?!

I was excited when I was sent my choice of one of the Motivated Moms e-Books in downloadable pdf format to review for the Schoolhouse Review Crew.  I was sure this was just what I needed to help me get motivated and organized in the new year.  It retails for $8.  

Motivated Moms Review

Several versions with different options of the chore planners are available, including bible passages, no bible passage, color, black and white, full pages and half pages, daily and weekly options, and an app for your device.

Motivated Moms Review

Be sure to check out the website and find a version you like best. There are also free sample pages you can view to try before you buy too.  

Motivated Moms Review

How I Used Motivated Moms:
To be honest, I was entering 2014 feeling discouraged and burned out.  I was really needing some kind of planning and organizing system to help me get on track.  I knew I wanted a deeper walk with God and to spend more personal time with him.  I knew I wanted to work on my weight loss goals and set goals for our homeschool and our homestead.  I was not sure what goals I wanted to focus on, how to set those goals for this year for myself and our homeschool, or what steps to take to begin to tackle them. 

I really thought that a planning system with clear defined tasks and goals might help me get back on track.  So I requested to review the Chore Planner with Bible Study Passages. There are several versions to choose from, and I chose the full page daily planner in color, with scripture study verses. 

I was very excited about getting a daily planner to help me get organized and motivated.  In my case, its hard to figure out which comes first, the chicken or the egg. Does getting organized help me get motivated, or does getting motivated help me get organized?  It almost seems that I need these things to happen simultaneously.  If I am not organized, then I have a hard time getting motivated.  Because, a lack of organization saps my energy and my motivation just seems to fly out the window.  I feel defeated before I can even get started. 

I printed off the pdf planner, hole punched the pages, and placed it in a 3 ring binder and made myself a homemade cover page with a note to myself exclaiming “I am a motivated mom!” Hopefully the power of positive thinking will keep me motivated!

At first I wanted to send it over to a copy store to be printed in color and bound.  It might cost about $30 to have it done that way and it would look very professional and pretty.  I can’t afford to do that right now, so I just printed it on cheap paper and placed it in the binder.  As I went along, I realized a binder is nice choice for this planner because you have room to add in extra things if needed.  Like a plastic cover sheet for personal pictures, shopping flyers, or recipes for meal planning and I could keep it all in one spot for convenience.  

I do like how the planner is organized for me.  It has a place listed for my daily household tasks, and includes a few monthly and seasonal tasks, appointments, reminders, meal planning, and a daily scripture verse to read.  Sometimes I use this scripture verse, and sometimes I use a different one. It is a nice reminder to keep me motivated to take personal bible time.  I like to write down the verse I studied in the notes section sometimes and look back later in the week and see how it has impacted my life that week. Sometimes I use the note section to talk about my goals I met or didn’t meet or plans for the next day too.

If I could ask for a one thing to be added to this chore planner, it would be to ask for a few less lines on the appointment section, and to add homeschool section for school planning for the kids, and I would also like a little bit more room for meal planning for the whole day on the daily page, not just a space for supper.  Though there is a nice two week meal planner at the back, I would like to be able to add more onto the individual day to be better organized.  As a homeschool mom, I have three meals, plus two to three snacks for my kids and husband.  So a bigger meal planning space would make this even better for me personally. By placing this chore planner in a binder, I can add these additional pages on my own and customize it to work best for me.  Overall this planner has been a blessing and I would encourage other moms to check it out and see if it would be a good fit for their planning goals.

Be sure to follow Motivated Moms:

This Motivated Moms Chore Planner is a great resource. Though it is made for moms, it would also be great to give one to your older teens and college students too. A planner like this would really be beneficial in practicing life skills and goal setting for an older teen before they actually settle down and become a mom.  I wish someone would have given me one of these when I was younger and helped me learn these kinds of organizational skills.  

Be sure to read what others on the Schoolhouse Review Crew had to say about products from Motivated Moms.  

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