Mommy’s Little Helper

This is my precious daughter.  

She is a great little Mommy’s helper.  She say’s she wants to be just like Mommy when she grows up.  She learns a lot through play, and by copying family members.  She copies me alot.  She asks lots of questions too, and seems to understand things beyond her young age.

She loves things that are snugly.

She knows how to enjoy a good desert.  She eats it with pure abandonment.

She loves the water.  She would indulge in several of these “spa” sessions a day, if she could.

She is such a special daughter. 

She likes to help me with chores.

She does a really good job.  We make a good team.

She is proud of a job well done.

She loves to share a good thing.

She keeps a watchful eye.

She knows how to delegate and how to supervise. Just ask her little brother.

She loves comedy, and to be silly and have fun.  She always makes me smile.

She loves to help me in the kitchen with dinner.

When she is done helping me in my kitchen, she goes to her own kitchen (she has one inside and one outside) to pretend she is me, still working in the kitchen.

She knows how to enjoy the fruit of her (our) labors.

And is always eager and ready to help mommy with different projects.

She is a serious student, and loves to learn. 

Bold and beautiful upon her white stallion, ready to conquer the world.

She wants to be a mommy too.   She has lots of practice with her baby dolls, and enlists her brothers to help care for them too as she has a few too many mouths to feed when they are all hungry at the same time.  The extra hands come in handy.

At the end of the day, she is ready to unwind, and get some much needed rest.  She faithfully trusts that all is well, she has no worries, and drifts off to sleep.  She knows her needs are met, and that we love her unconditionally.  That is the way our heavenly Father wants us all to trust.

She looks up to me. 

She is growing and learning and watching how I live.

Sometimes, I find this to be a really big job: raising her; teaching
her; encouraging her, protecting her; raising her up to know the Lord and bring him glory through her life.
I realize that  in many ways, I am her “little” helper, as she journey’s through childhood into adulthood.

To be honest, when I grow up, I want to be more like her.

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2 thoughts on “Mommy’s Little Helper

  1. Weiser Academy

    You are so welcome.  I know sometimes it is easy to stay busy, but not so easy to let things go, and just take time to let each other know how important we are to each other. 

    My daughter loves to sit on my lap and have me read this short story to her.  She beams with joy and pride that I love her.

    Be blessed!


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