A Poem about Life and Death
by Melinda Weiser

You were here, in my womb.
God gave you to me.  I loved you from the start.
I grew with you.  You changed me.
I will never forget.

You left me, so quickly.  You left me to soon.
Your absence has created a whole in my heart.
The sea of red, the pain, brokeness, and sadness,
I will never forget.

My milk is waiting to feed you.  My arms are aching to hold you. 
But the time has passed, and the potential has bled away. 
I still long to touch you, and to kiss you.
I will never foget.

You came from heaven, and that is where you are now. 
It is where you were meant to go from the start.
The short time we spent together, growing hopes and dreams.
I will never forget.

You must wait for me, sweet precious one.
Untill we are no longer apart.
Sweet moments are gone.  My heart breaks and aches.
I will never forget.

When Jesus says “Enter in” I will rejoice, 
I will leap for joy to be with my Savior, Lord, and King.
In heaven I will see you some day. Then I will hold you, and kiss you.
I will never forget.

I lost my precious baby to miscarriage on October 19th, 2010.

Micarriage is an ugly word and an ugly thing.
It is the death of a life.  The death of an innocent life. 
Your body puts forth a great amount of effort to grow this life.
Birth is beautiful.  Miscarriage is ugly. 

Miscarriage is a theif.
You change, physically and mentally. 
You may suffer from symptoms you cannot control while you grow this life inside.  
Miscarriage robs you of the rewards!
You have nothing good to show for the changes and efforts you have put forth.  
Miscarriage is an angry word. 
It is violent.  It is sudden. 
It steals your strength.  It steals your blood, your very life force. 
It leaves you exhausted, without energy, covered in blood, deficient, aching, and wounded.
It wounds the mother, the father, and the whole family. 

Miscarriage is a lonely word. 
It is humiliating.
It is embarrasing. 
You have told everyone you are expecting a new baby.
You were excited.
Now you have to tell everyone you have lost the baby.
You don’t want them to feel sorry for you.  You don’t want them to feel uncomfortable and not know what to say. 
You don’t want to hear them say, “you can try again”.   
You hide your pain.  It is a private grief.

Miscarriage is a cruel irony.
You have been preparing for this life you are carrying.  You are wearing pregnancy clothes.
You may have spent money on clothing for yourself, and bought items for your new baby. 
You may have already rearranged things in your life to prepare for his or her arrival. 
You’ve likely paid a doctor or midwife to look after your prenatal care.
You may have prepared a room for your new child.
Now, baby is gone.  The clothing, the room, and the items seem ironic and out of place. 
It seems like a sureal dream.
You cry.

How many women are hurting, aching, and feeling alone?
How many are angry? 
How many don’t have someone to talk to and cry with?
How many feel they can’t talk to their husband, or pastor, or family about their loss?
How long will she suffer and the pain continue in her heart?

Approximately one in four, to one in five pregnancies end in a miscarriage. 
If you have had a miscarriage, talk with someone about what you are going through.
Or if you know a woman who has had one, please reach out to her and support her.

It will take time to heal.
It will take support to heal. 
It will take love to heal.
She will never forget.




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