Memorial Day 2014

Today is Memorial Day.   It is a day to remember.

Memorial Day is national holiday when we remember those who have given their lives for our freedoms.  We give honor and respect to their memory.  

Families across the country celebrate this day in different ways.  Some have recently lost loved ones in war, and their wounds are fresh and more difficult to celebrate this day and we respect that.  For many families who celebrate, some host camp-outs, join parades, have picnics and outdoor games, and others plan large get togethers with friends and extended family.  

For our family this year, we planned a quiet day of rest at home.  Some years we have traveled and attended get togethers, but dad started a new job six weeks ago, and this was his first holiday off.  It is also the one year anniversary of our move back to Indiana. So we planned a day of rest at home together, thinking of loved ones who have served in the military for the freedoms we enjoy, and reflecting on the changes in our life the past year.  

On the agenda and menu for today:

Agenda: REST

Breakfast Brunch: 
Scrambled eggs, with bacon, cherry tomatoes, and sauted veggies.
Raspberry Danish
Chamomile tea with sourwood honey
Black Coffee
Late Lunch / Early Supper:
Dill Pickles
Peanutbutter Chocolate Pie

Snacks if desired:
Popcorn (with butter and sea salt)
Oatmeal cookies
Raw Carrots
Strawberry Lemonade 
I sat outside this morning and enjoyed my breakfast on the front porch.  I loved listening to the birds sing, and appreciating all the blessings I have in my life, they are many. The kids finished their breakfast and headed out to play.  They were riding their bikes down the hill in front of me, running around in the yard, and enjoying the beautiful day too.  

They enjoyed going barefoot, playing tag, and riding bikes in the morning.

Then kicked a soccer ball around the yard, and tossed around the football in the afternoon.  They all took their shirts off in the afternoon while tossing the football.  I have no idea how much sun they got by the end of the day as they were in the shade then in the sun off and on through out the whole day.  They tossed that football around for hours with short 20 minute breaks, then would go out and toss for another hour.  I think they are going to be really worn out and sleep good after a bath tonight. 

About 7:30 pm the temperature cooled down a little as the sun was going down, though it was still another two hours until dark.  We were glad for a break in the temperature by evening.  It got humid and hot today and around 87 degrees or higher.  Dad got out the hoe and worked in the garden.  There is a whole crop of weeds coming on after all the rain we have had the past two weeks and they are already one to two inches tall.  So he got busy and he hoed the weeds around the peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, and onions for about an hour.  I hope to get back out there tomorrow and get some more weeding done before the next rain storms hit.  Every thing we planted two weeks ago has sprouted.  The beans and peas are about two inches tall already too.  A few tomato plants have bloomed, and there are big green strawberries on several plants. The spring onions are already four inches tall.  It wont be long until harvest season will begin.  Yeah!

I also thought about a lot of hurting people today.  There are people hurting all over this country and this world.  Some are hurting for loved ones that fought in war abroad and died.  There are children of men and women who lost their life, who can not celebrate with their parents today as our children did.  There are parents who lost their grown son or daughter in the military, and they are not there together today, instead they decorate their grave today.   Some families are hurting just as bad because of random violence in our own country that has taken the life of their loved ones too.  Many streets in our inner cities have war torn areas plagued with violence, drugs, and crime.  And then there are the random things, violence that just erupts and that leaves so many hurting. There was a massive shooting yesterday in California and seven people died, including the perpetrator, and at least seven more were injured.  And there are many more places in this world that are not at peace today.  Wars are being fought, and soldiers from many borders are dying.  My heart goes out to them, and I pray for their families.  I pray for peace.  Most of all, I pray their families can forgive.

There is a great song that was on my heart today.  It is called “Forgiveness”.  I hope you will take a minute and listen to the words.  I hope it will be a blessing to you.

But if you don’t forgive others, your Father will not forgive your sins.
Mathew 6:15
Jesus said: Don’t judge others, and God won’t judge you. 
Don’t be hard on others, and God won’t be hard on you. 
Forgive others, and God will forgive you.
Luke 6:37

I really enjoyed this day, a quiet day of rest.  I spent a lot of time contemplating, thinking, enjoying my family.  While the family played and tossed balls around, I quietly sat on the front porch and watched the wind as it gently blew the American flag in the front yard. I contemplated what this day means.  I thought about the freedom we have because of those who gave their life for the cause of freedom, justice, for the right to practice my faith, pursue my goals, achieve my dreams, and for peace.  I don’t take these freedoms lightly.  I cherish them.  Many members of my immediate family have served in the armed forces during times of war and times of peace.  I salute my Uncle Earl, Uncle Rick, Grandpa James, Grandpa Albert, Great Grandpas, Mother, Brother, Nephews, Cousins, and more.  I appreciate you.  Thank you for your sacrifice and service.
I remember.  
Please share.
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