Magnet Line Up

What is in the Tot Work Box and on the shelves this week?  Lots of magnet activities.

My tot, age 2, loves to line things up.   He usually then sings a rendition of Happy Birthday To You. This is so funny and I will write another post soon that shows him blowing out his pretend candles with cars, dominos, pompoms, cubes, and lots of other toys.  It is a daily occurrence around here.  His birthday was two months ago, but he replays the song and blowing out the candles scene daily.

Magnets are really fun to line up, because sometimes they will, and sometimes they won’t, go together. 

This is a fun activity for learning about attraction and repulsion. 

He maybe to young to understand magnet vocabulary, but this simple activity helps him understand that if he turns the magnets one way they are attracted to each other, and if he turns them the other way, they repel.  

No matter how hard he tries, if he has the wrong ends (two positives or two negatives) they just won’t go together.  He can feel them pushing the pieces apart.

This is a good activity to build reasoning and deduction skills in your toddler.  It is a fun sensory experience too as the child can feel the force of attraction or repulsion.

Success is sweet!  He was so proud of his long train when he got it finished!  And then he sang Happy Birthday and blew out his imaginary candles.  So funny.

If your tot is a little older, they maybe able to understand color and shape patterns, some of the magnetic vocabulary words, and practice counting their magnet train as well. 

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