Lego Valentine

What’s RED, WHITE, and PINK, is fun to stick together, build with, and says super sweet things? 
It’s Valentines made with Legos of course!

The kids had so much fun creating Valentines with their Legos. 

Little sister, age 4, sorted all the pink, red, and white Lego bricks we had.  We had several pink bricks because she loves pink, and has a few kits for a princess.  This came in real handy! 

In addition to sorting these three colors from a bucket full of other colors, she also had fun picking them up by the handful and letting them fall into the sorting tray like a waterfall.  She loves to feel them, and to hear the thunk thunk sound as she drops them and they hit together.  She also practiced counting.  She can count all the way to 30 with no problem, and all the way to 100 with very little help.

Brother, age 9, wanted to write a special message.  He considered poems such as “Roses Are Red….” but considering all the work he would have to do, he decided on a much simpler idea. 

I thought his idea was great! 

He made a two dimensional message and heart with Lego bricks. 

After writing/building his message, he added some fun things like a pink and white airplane, and a little valentine playground he said.

Older brother, age 11, wanted a three dimensional message and decided to make it a stand up heart.

He made each half the same as the other half.  He said,” look Mom, both halves are symmetrical.”  Ok, I was really proud of his use of the term all on his own!

And I was really proud of the Lego Valentines they made me!  And the box of chocolates, and the chocolate rose was terrific too.  I love chocolate! 

What mom wouldn’t be proud of a special Valentine message like this?  I just love the Lego Valentines the kids made for me. 

I thought of some fun things to say to my kids, but I did not have the time to build them out of Legos.

“Valentine, we really stick together.”

“You make me click.”

“Stuck on you”

and several more. 

Maybe next year I can surprise them with a Lego Valentine from Mom.  I’ve got 365 days left to think on it.

                                              Happy Valentines Day

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