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We are planning a fun race theme for our upcoming Lego and Robotics Academy program.  I have big dreams on a tiny budget!  So, given that my ideas are bigger than my wallet, I have been researching online how we can plan a Lego race car party for minimal expense.  

 I thought it would be fun to post about several resources I found online on how to build a Lego car of your own.  Some are built with kits and some are just built from the imagination and various Lego pieces.

We have been working in the Lego MBA curriculum for the past 10 months (kits 1-6) and most of our club kids are beginning this final kit #6. So we thought it would be a lot of fun to have a party with a racing theme to celebrate! We will show you how this all turned out in a future story in the Lego and Robotics Academy category of stories. We will also show you how we built a race car using kit 6 in a future Lego MBA story, so check both of those categories on the side bar for lots of more Lego FUN!

Kit 6 of Lego MBA level 2 has a race car theme.  The kids will learn several building techniques in this kit and build three different race car models, plus a challenge model they design by themselves using the building skills and techniques they have learned.

Video of my kids racing Lego vehicals down a slide in the living room.
Lego MBA (Level 2 Kit 6) F1 Racer and Lego City 4 wheeler  

But if you don’t have this kit, no worries mate!  If you’ve got wheels, you can probably build your own race car from the parts you have on hand. 

Spending a little time researching this theme, I have found several building plans and videos about Lego race cars.  Check out these great resources to spark your creativity and get you started.  If you need to turn down the volume of the music on the videos, feel free to do so.  You can get some great ideas from these projects (videos, building plans, news stories, online games, etc.) listed below.

Creative Lego Racing Ideas

Lego Sports Car tutorial:

Lego Sports Car

Lego Creator Sports Car 5867

How To Make A Lego Race Car

Lego Sport Champions F1 Racing

Lego Car Collection

Lego Race Car Crash

Amazing race track.  This kid has built lots of amazing things!  His room full of Legos is mind-bogling!  Be sure to check out his other Lego videos too.

Lego Pinewood Derby Car Upgraded

Lego Car Race

Lego Car Race at Disney

Check out these links for more great ideas to spark your creativity:

Lego Digital Designer  design and build a race car online.

Lego Speed Racer building plans 8159 hosted at Lets Build It Again.

Lego Speed Racer building plans 8158 hosted at Lets Build It Again.

Lego Slammer Dragster building plans 8238 hosted at Lets Build It Again.

Lego Rubber Band Race Car building plans hosted at Kids Make Stuff.

Lego Car building plans hosted at E-How.

Lego Balloon Race Car building plans made by Davis Creek Elementary School.

Online Lego Race Car Game

How to make a Lego Race car travel at 25 miles per hour.

Do you know of any great Lego race car ideas or building plans?  Please leave a comment below, thank you!

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2 thoughts on “Lego Race Car Projects

  1. Lea

    This is great information. Do you have instructions on how to build the Lego race track from your June 2012 Race?

  2. Weiser Academy

    I need to have my husband write a post with step by step instructions.  It was not too complicated for him as he is a carpenter.  I was so glad he built this with our sons so they could learn how to use the tools and materials to create this awesome track.  


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