Lego Movie Premiere

The Asheville Lego Club organized for a movie premiere of Jericho, and we were invited to join them at the viewing.

JERICHO: The Promise Fulfilled 

Three homeschool families from our Henderson County Lego and Robotics Academy club were able to attend.  The event was held in a church gym in Asheville.  The movie was set up on a big screen in the gym.   Folks sat in chairs, bleachers, and many late comers had to stand off to the side too.  This photo shows about half of the people that were in attendance, and it was a really good turn out.

Also set up around the room on tables, were the scenes and props used to make the movie.

My kids were fascinated with the movie scenes.

Before and after the movie, the family who produced the movie answered questions from the crowd.   Their discussion was jam packed with information.   And the mom gave a wonderful testimony about God’s grace in her life.

The family who produced the movie is a homeschool family from Charlotte, NC.   When their son was a young child, he was diagnosed with ADHD.  After a few years of frustration working with the school system, they decided to start homeschooling him in 3rd grade.   He was only interested in Lego’s and no amount of curriculum programs helped him.  After much prayer, his mom started teaching all his school work with Legos.   He learned all his subjects through hands on creating with lego bricks.   It is truly an amazing story and testimony.

To meet these individuals, you would never even know he had difficulties or severe ADHD or the struggle their family endured for many years.   Now, he and his sister have graduated from homeschooling, and have gone on to be successful movie producers using Legos to tell biblical stories.  They have traveled around the country for the past five years or more.  They have also met some other famous movie directors such as the creator of Facing The Giants and more.  The skills God has given them has opened many doors of opportunity for them.

Jericho is the awesome biblical story of how the Lord helped the Israelites conquer their enemy.   The Lord told the Israelites to march around the city of Jericho 7 times and then give a victory shout and the walls of the city crumbled to the ground giving the Israelites military success to defeat their enemy.  Jericho was their third movie production.  It took them 1 1/2 years to produce it.

The movie was filled with both serious moments and humorous moments.  My children loved the production, and the bible came to life for them using the Lego figures.
I am excited about what this company is doing to further the reach of the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth.  I am thrilled with their ability to take a product like Lego, and use it for the Lord.  Children all over the world will be able to hear and understand the biblical message through this wonderful method of telling the everyone about God’s love for mankind.

If you would like to learn more about these movies and this ministry, check out the Shaterpoint Entertainment website at
where you can buy the movies on line, buy their curriculum online to learn how to make these kinds of movies yourself, and make donations to their ministry.

To view free trailers of their movies, check out their website, or these You Tube videos

Jericho (most recent movie from this past year)

Wars Of Humanity

Wars Of Humanity II

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