Lego Fundraiser

We are selling raffle tickets to raise money for our Lego and Robotics Academy 4H club.  We are raffling a Lego Technic Offroader Building Set.

My boys have worked really hard to sell these tickets.  For nearly every “yes” answer they recieved, they also got at least four “no” answers. 

Sometimes the no answers were really hard for them to recieve.  They put in countless hours for the past several weeks going door to door, shop to shop, and park to park to make a small $2 sale.  It has been hot.  Very hot!  So walking door to door has been even more challenging in the summer heat.

When they recieved a “yes” answer, they were thrilled.  You would think it was Christmas, they were so excited to recieve their $2. 

But when the answer was “no”, and the next answer was “no”, and then “no’, and the next “no”, they were so sad.  It really took the excitement away and stole their joy. 

But it also gave them good life experience.  I want them to understand how to accept the “no” answers in life.  It can be a hard pill to swallow when you are trying so hard and giving it all you got.  But sometimes, you encounter negative people who don’t want to see you succeed, and don’t want to help you succeed.  Some might even be jealous of your success.  But more often than not, it is just a lack of caring or concern from others.  They don’t take the time to know what their indifference or their support could mean to the outcome.

My SOAP Box:
Frankly, it amazes me that so many successful business people don’t care, don’t seem to have the time, or are indifferent about helping these kids acheive their goals to learn about life, and academics including science, technology, engineering, and math.  I didn’t show any of the pictures of the kids leaving these businesses, but trust me, there were plenty of turn downs and dissapointments.  What business can’t offer a handshake and donate $2 ?  All these folks passed up a great opportunity to pat these kids on the back and say “keep up the good work, you can do it!  Keep going, you can accomplish so much”.  Why turn away from them?  Why would you tell them “no” to such a possitive opportunity?  These kids are the future of our businesses, towns, cities, and economy.  In just a few short years, they will be making decisions that affect us all.   How can you turn a blind eye to them? 

I am very thankful for the businesses and individuals that did shake the kid’s hands and donated $2 to their cause.  The joy the kids experienced was priceless.

Even though they encountered some “no’s” and some “yes’s” and worked super hard to sell their tickets, they are more determined than ever to raise the funds needed to support their club activities and buy supplies they need and hopefully earn enough to pay their fees to be a First Lego League.  They are staying the course and working hard to reach their goals.

What are their goals for the 2012-2013 season? 
To raise $10,000:
    Pay for club supplies for Lego and Robotics Academy 4H Club.
    Set up an educational display (STEM) for the Mountain State Fair in Asheville, NC.
    Set up an educational workshop (STEM) for Farm City Day in Hendersonville, NC.
    Purchase 5 Scribbler 2 Robots for club. (This would allow us to share 6 kids per robot as
    we are growing the club to 30 kids).
    Purchase 5 NXT Robotics kits for club.
    Purchase 5 laptop computers for club.
    Pay for 3 to 5 FLL teams (6 kids per team) and to attend First Lego League competitions.

Overall it has been a good experience for them to meet people and share their goals with them and gain confidence in communicating with others.  The ups and downs of selling their tickets will prepare them for other opportunities in life.  They are learning to speak to the public about their goals, and learning to negotiate and problem solve too.   Learning to handle success and failure is a positvie skill that will carry them through out their life.

                                      I am very proud of them.

The kids are exhausted, but they will continue to knock on doors.  They have also asked me to help them and let our readers know they need your help to reach their goals.  So here it is, you can help these kids by buying raffle tickets or making donations.

Lego Fundraiser

Lego Technic Off-Roader Building Kit

141 Building Pieces with realistic details.

Complete plans for an off-road JEEP and an off-road DUNEBUGGY.


Raffle Tickets are $2 each, and online purchases of tickets
 must be at least $10 worth.

No limit to the number of tickets you buy in groups of $10
or doantions you want to make.

All tickets sold go into a basket.  On the day of the drawing, during the 4H club meeting, one club kid will hold the basket, another club kid will stir the tickets in the basket so they are evenly mixed up. 
Then another club kid will draw out the winning ticket. 
The winner will be announced during the meeting,
also on this website, by telephone, and by email. 
The winner will have 48 hours to respond and claim their prize.  Otherwise a new winner will be chosen.
Only residents in the USA can enter the raffle. 
But you are welcome to make a
donation whether you are inside or outside the USA.

Winner will be drawn 8/21.

Donations are welcome and appreciated.

Lego and Robotics Academy 4 H Club

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Furthering the STEM Initiative

Raffle Tickets & Donations

This is for a great cause and I hope you will support these kids and help them reach their goals.  Thank you for your support and donations.

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If you want to share some words of encouragement to the club kids, leave your comments here and I will be sure and relay them to the club.

Thank you very much!


Please share.
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