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We have started a new learning adventure.  This summer we opened a 4H club called Lego and Robotics Academy and we are on our way for an awesome time of learning!  You can follow along and read about our fun learning adventures with this club at this link 4H Lego and Robotics Academy.  

This new learning adventure is furthering our understanding of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics through a very fun quest of using legos and robotics to reach our goals.

We had plans to start with 12 kids, but soon realized we had more… so we opened the club to 18 kids, but within a few days of doing so, we had over 33 kids wanting to get in. 

It is breaking my heart to turn anyone away.  We have created a waiting list so we can plug kids in as soon as we have new openings.  We created our own members only website too,  so the kids and parents can share what they are learning.

Our first meeting was awesome.  It consisted of a Robotics Workshop done by a robotics engineer, a fun time of fellowship and refreshments, and a lego show and tell. 

We held it in a picnic shelter of a local park and enjoyed a fantastic morning of beautiful weather and lots of fun.  The kids played a bit before the meeting got underway.

Then it got real serious.  These guys came for a special purpose today, and each kid was serious about it.

The kids were on the edge of their seats.  I kid you not!  They were so excited to take in every word the robotics engineer had to say.

He gave the children demonstrations of about six different robots.  He kept it so interesting, explaining how the robot sensed its environment, what it was programmed to do, how it adjusts to changes it encounters, how it moves (legs, wheels, etc.) if it uses light sensors, or echo location to find its way, etc.

He took time with the kids to let them see what he was explaining and he gave them opportunities to ask questions and even make hypothesis and suggestions.

He gave them some challenging time of hands on learning too.

He called them to gather round the robot…….

By using strips of black tape, he had the kids help him design a track  or path for the robot to follow.  Then he had the kids guess things like, “Which way the robot will go if there is a fork in the path, etc.  What do you want the robot to do, how should we reprogram it to do what we want, etc.”

The kids truly had a great time and we were so pleased with the generosity of this wonderful robotics engineer to come and get us going in our club’s robotics learning adventure.  We hope to have him again soon to help us further our knowledge and learning.

After the workshop, the kids enjoyed some refreshments.

And more playtime.

Then after the break, we gathered round the table for some fun Lego show and tell. 

The kids really enjoyed sharing their projects.

This was a good opportunity to practice some presentation and public speaking skills.

And talk about something they all love to do…build with Legos.

It was great to see and hear what they built. 

There were some proud parents in the crowd too!

Well, my family finished up with more fun playtime in the park and a picnic lunch. 

My family hosts a park day each week.  This was our sixth week of fun park adventures.  We had 28 homeschool kids join us for two more hours of fun time in the park. 

All together my family was at the park for 5 1/2 hours.  I am six months pregnant, and I was very tired after this busy day.  But the kids just kept going, and going.  They even played more with
the neighbor kids when we got back home.

Can this summer day get any better?  Yep!  Besides lots more playtime, the kids had a vanilla shake on the way home.  (I think I need a nap).

Running a lego and robotics program is very expensive.  Donations are needed and welcome.  We are part of 4H and we can provide information for tax deductable donations if you are interested in supporting this learning adventure for these kids.  Thanks in advance!

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  1. Ticia

    The lesson is cool and it looks like you’ve found a cool playground.

    I can’t wait until my kids are old enough for Lego robotics.


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