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Keyboard Town Pals is a typing learning program that boasts it is able to teach your kids, ages 7 and older, to type correctly in 1 hour.  Hearing this, I was looking forward to reviewing this product with my children, and sharing our results with our viewers.


I have always loved to write stories.  Since childhood, I filled notebook after notebook with stories, songs, and prayers from my heart.  But, I did not have access in the home to a keyboard or type writer. 

Growing up, I personally had a hard time learning to type.  I took one short typing class in highschool, and did not get the hang of it despite trying very hard.   In college, in the early 90’s, I bought my first typewriter, and I used a word processing keyboard in a computer lab to type my papers.  It was a long and difficult process each time.  I knew almost nothing about typing, nothing about computers, and nothing about word processing software.  I really struggled.  It is hard to correct your misspelled words on a typewriter.   I had a print out of a paper keyboard and I practiced my fingerings all the time.  After college, and moving to a new state, I took a part time job through a temp agency, and they tested my typing speed and accuracy and gave me some pointers. 

Finally, we bought our first computer around 1995, and I began to practice typing on a daily basis.  I typed everything I could for practice.  That backspace key was GREAT!

Eventually, the fingerings came easily and I did not struggle anymore.  I went from typing 11 words a minute with no misspelled words, to typing 40 words a minute, before my fingers pressed the wrong key.  I was so proud of my accomplishment!   I could finally communicate my thoughts fairly easily in documents and emails.  I even taught my husband to type.  He had never typed in his life.  Guess what?  I think he is even better than me now. 

Now, it’s time to teach my kids how to type well.  We have played around with the computer quite a bit and my children are familiar with a keyboard for playing educational and recreational games.  But they are not yet strong story writers, and this is one of my desires for them, that each one can easily put on paper whatever is in their mind to say.  Being familiar with the keyboard, and the correct typing process is key in helping them become good communicators in these modern times.

My nine year old son typed with the program first.  He practiced typing for about 1 and 1/2 hours.  It was a bit challenging for him, mostly because of the distraction of the music from the puppets. 


He is very musically inclined, and he felt the music on the program was “babyish” and it bothered him. He likes music “on key” and professional sounding.   However, he liked the jokes the puppets told, just not their singing. 

Despite his slight irritation with the music of the puppets, he has agreed to practice typing some more with the program, and I know this program will help him learn to type correctly and efficiently.  It may take some more motivating him (bribe) on my part, but I think he will focus and practice more with some encouragement. 

The younger children were drawn to the puppets, and the music, and enjoyed listening to the story as the nine year old typed along with the program.  My kids are going to make the most of this opportunity and I hope to help the six year old, and possibly the four year old to try out the program soon.  They seem very interested and I think they will be able to do it too.

The oldest son, age 11, really liked the program.  It made sense to him.  It instructed him learning the keys with “Uptown” “Downtown” and “Hometown” for the different rows of letters and each key had a puppet that explained where they lived, and which finger to use. 


He worked through the whole program in just under 1 hour, and took the proficiency typing test afterwards, and was pleased with his learning.    He thought he did great.  I thought he did great.  He plans to type with it everyday until he builds his skills to type the alphabet correctly and with his eyes closed.  I am sure he is going to learn to type better than me!  And that will be a blessing!

Keyboard Town Pals is available online or on CDROM.  It retails for $39.95 from the Keyboard Town Pals website.  They offer it in English, French, and Spanish.  They also offer several other fun learning products, including a readiness typing program for younger learners, and special needs children.  This is a great product to get your kids typing in a fun, stress free way.

I received a six week online subscription to Keyboard Town Pals in exchange for writing and honest review. 


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