Hot Chocolate With Kids In The Kitchen

With all the snow at our house, and soooo many outdoor adventures in the snow, we need warm mugs of chocolaty goodness to keep us energized, and re-warm our cold bodies. 

My kindergartner and second grader are becoming expert

They know each step by heart.

This is a fun, and frugal, yummy treat! 

It is a simple recipe to do with kids in the kitchen.  Kids can plan, prep, sort, measure, clean-up, and double or divide the recipe in half.  Depending on their readiness they can help at the stove too.  Please remember to always provide supervision when working with children near a stove.  This is a good exercise for teaching about safety and equipping your kids with life skills too. 

The kids love to eat what they helped make in the kitchen.

Here is our recipe.  We serve it in coffee mugs.  This recipe makes 8 servings. 

2 quarts milk=$2    Raw milk preferably.  We get ours from a dairy in South Carolina for $4 a gallon.  You can read about it here .

1/2 cup cocoa powder = $ .40

1 cup sucanat sugar $ .70 

We buy our sucanat (sugar cane natural) in bulk through Weiser Natural Foods.  You can read how we buy and store bulk sucanat here .

Sucanat is natural sugar with all the nutrients (vitamins and minerals) still intact.   It is a whole food with a wide spectrum of nutrients.  It has a cocoa brown color and really enhances the flavor, nutrition, and color of hot chocolate.  It is actually sweeter in taste than refined sugar and you don’t have to use as much.  It is available at local health food stores, though you save a huge amount when you buy it in bulk.

Whisk all of the ingredients in a pan over medium heat till warm.  Remove pan from the heat and don’t overheat.  The benefits of live enzymes and probiotics when using raw milk will be lost if you overheat it.  Plus no one, especially kids, can not drink it if it is too hot.  So don’t overheat it.

Total cost per serving = $3.10 divided by 8 = $.39 each


p.s.  Marshmallows or whip cream are optional !!!

p.s.s.  I usually take any leftovers and add dad’s leftover coffee for a delicious chocolate coffee for mom.  A Mocha Latte for $.39 made with coffee that was leftover and doomed to be thrown out, priceless joy for mom! Starbucks can’t beat that.


Warning though, usually there are no leftovers, and I have to make a second batch, so mom can get her chocolate fix too.

What’s your favorite hot chocolate recipe?

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2 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate With Kids In The Kitchen

  1. Weiser Academy Post author

    This should warm you up.  We like this recipe for kids because there is nothing artificial, it is full of nutrition, and low in caffene.  You could add more cocoa powder if you wanted to up the caffene and have a stronger chocolate flavor.  But for my kiddos this is perfect.


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