Giant Soft Dinosaurs

Are your kids in love with dinosaurs?  Mine sure are!

At our house,  Mr. T Rex (Tyrannosaurs Rex) is always on the prowl.  He eats everyone in his path!  No one is safe.

Even if you can fly, and mind your own business up in the trees, Mr. T Rex can pull you down and make a meal of you. 

He loves to eat fingers too.

 This creature tops all the predators in the whole animal kingdom.  BEWARE!

Of course, the choice is up to you.  You can tempt him if you want to at your own risk!

It is quite possible, he may not eat you.  He may eat the grass after he becomes educated about the dangers of eating meat, learns that his cholesterol is too high, and finds his true “inner self” and becomes at peace with his environment and everyone around him, that he might say “goodbye” to his meat eating ways.


Not in my house, if Mr. T Rex smells flesh, fear, or smells life blood beating through your veins… you better run……you better hide…..Mr.T Rex is coming and you are going to loose!  Unless you are Baby’zilla that is.

We just love playing with dinosaurs! And this set of Giant Soft Dinosaurs from Discount School Supply makes the learning adventure even more fun.  They come in a set of 4  and include a Pterodactyl, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurs Rex, and Apatosaurus.   They retail for $69.99 and are currently on sale for $54.99 through Discount School Supply.

These dinosaurs are so realistic looking.  You can see and feel the details on their skin, claws, horns, teeth, eyes, nose, and tails.  It is like feeling a real reptile.  They are solid but soft, and they are made of soft foam so they won’t break if dropped and they don’t hurt too bad if you get accidently whacked (or eaten) by them.

We are getting ready to do a Dinosaur Unit Study, and these Giant Soft Dinosaurs are going to be such a great hands on addition to our learning adventure.  But we have been having lots of fun with imaginative play with them too.

Check out this “Dinosaur Destruction” Marble Run the kids created one rainy day.  It rained and rained all day long.  My 12 year old son gathered up a bunch of track, the dinosaurs, and a few cars, trains, and other toys and made a scene of dinosaurs attacking everything as the marble rolls down the track.


And during another fun day we were playing with these dinosaurs and the kids decided to set up a wrestling match between the dinosaurs.  But things really got interesting when the baby crawled into the action.  So we had a showdown with Giant Baby’zilla VS Giant Soft Dinosaurs.  Big brother refereed. Baby’zilla (our baby) won and “smacked down” every dinosaur!

And be sure to read how we used these Giant Soft Dinosaurs in our Dinosaurs In July theme we did for our 4H Legos and Robotics Academy club.


I would recommend these dinosaurs for classrooms, homes, day cares, sunday schools, doctors offices, dentist offices, realtors offices, car dealerships, and anywhere you have a play area set up for kids. They can be used in groups, or individually for quiet time play.  They are a great addition to any learning adventure.

                                Essential School Supplies! 
Discount School Supply has thousands of wonderful learning toys and supplies.  They are a great resource for homeschools, classrooms, day cares, churches, offices, and more.  They also offer free shipping on in-stock orders over $79.  


Disclaimer: I received the product mentioned above for the purpose of writing an honest review.  All opinions expressed are my own and or my children’s honest opinion and experiences regarding this product.

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