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Do you live in a state that requires standardized testing of your homeschool student?

You can find out what the requirements for testing are, and the homeschool laws, for the state you live in here at this link

After arriving at the site, just click on your state and it will take you to a page specific for you.

There are lots of options for testing.  If your state does not require standardized testing, there are many free assessment options that you can use to gage where your children’s skills are, and how they perform academically.

If your state does require you to administer a standardized test, there are many tests to choose from and they are in many different price categories.   I have seen prices range from $25 to over $200 and even over $1000 for some specific specialty testing.

We live in NC, and our state requires administering a nationally standardized test and keeping the results on file one time a year for each student.   We have been testing our children with the CAT5  test for the past three years since moving to North Carolina.  

The CAT5 can be administered by the parent in your own home, or you can join up with a group of homeschoolers taking the test in a class setting.  So far, it is the most affordable nationally standardized test I have found that covers all the academic areas.  Depending on who you get it from and the setting you give it in, the price ranges from $25 to $80.  This test typically costs our family about $35 per child to rent the materials and have the results scored and mailed to us.  

The CAT5 does not address things like your child’s learning style, or make recommendations.   It does however, provide you with a comprehensive scoring form that shows how your child is performing compared to all grade levels when given the same test.   So the test could show your 3rd grade child is performing better than an 11th grader in all categories, or it could show they are not doing as well as the average 3rd grader in math comprehension, but is doing better than the average 10th grade student in language comprehension, etc. 

I am thankful that the test is not expensive, and has shown me that my children are doing very well in their academic skills.  My kids are are on target or above target for their grade level.  It does set my mind at ease to know we are on track and also where we may need to focus for the upcoming year. 

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With a little searching, you can likely find qualified testers in your local area for many of the tests listed below.

CAT E  Seton Testing Services

CAT 5  Bayside School Services 

CAT 5  Family Learning Organization

Woodcock Johnson   ATC ED

Woodcock Johnson Brewer Testing

Terra NOVA  Brewer Testing

Terra NOVA The Sycamore Tree

Achievement and Learning Ability BJU




Bright Storm:  PSAt, AP, ACT, SAT

What other testing sources have you found? 
Please leave a comment below, thank you.


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