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Adding ART of various forms into our daily routine makes living enjoyable. 

Without joy, people are depressed, overwhelmed, and unsettled.  But add in a cup of joy to each day, and people change.  They express happiness, acceptance, and optomism.  The bible says the joy of the Lord is our strength.  We can find joy by spending time with the Lord each day.   A fun way to encourage the expression of joy in our character is through art.

Not all artists display joyful or happy character qualities, mainly because art becomes a route job or project to get done.  For them, art no longer represents something enjoyable and truly creative in their life.  They worship and serve art, rather than art serving them. 

I love the approach children take to art.  There is fun and freedom in their creations, art serves them joy, the way art should be. 

The greatest artist I have ever learned about is God.  He is a master artist.  You can see his creativity in every sunrise, every face of a child, every plant that grows, every wave that reaches the shore, every bird that sings, every star filled sky.  He is a sculpter, potter, painter, designer, carver, refiner, architect, engineer, inventor, a creator, and so much more. 

As I teach my children about the amazing ART that is part of this world, I remind them of the Artist who created the world.  Scientists call him “Intelligent Design”, but I call him Father.  There has never been, nor will there ever be, an artist as great as God who calls himself “I AM”.

Here are some wonderful FREE Educational resources to use in teaching your children about the various forms of art and creativity.

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Arts & Crafts & Coloring Pages

School Express Drawing Worksheets

Easy Fun School

Dick Blick Art Lesson Plans

How To Draw Videos By Jan Brett

Making Popup Books, Paper Engineering, Crafts, and more

Art Made Easy by Samantha Bell Lesson Plans

Christian Answers Coloring Pages

Donna Young: Art

Artists Helping Children

Activity TV

Deep Space Sparkle


KDDoodle: Hand Drawn Coloring Pages


Paper Toys

Danielles Place

The Crafty Classroom

Coloring Page Source

Art Encyclopedia

Bright Ring

Make Stuff

Smithsonian:  Everything Art

Homeschool Art Lessons

Art Safari

Origami Kids

Some Great Blogs I Enjoy Reading With Lots of Art Projects For Kids Among Many Other Helpful Things

No Time For Flash Cards

Red Ted Art

Pink And Green Momma

What free art, crafts, and coloring websites and resources have you found that have helped in your homeschooling journey?  Please leave a comment below, thank you.

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