Foundations A by Logic Of English Review

I am so thankful for the opportunity to review Foundations A by Logic Of English.  

Foundations A

Ages 4 to 7
Various components listed below:
Foundations A Teacher’s Manual – Printed   $38.00
224 pages. Case-bound hardcover. Full color.

230 pages. High-quality paperback. Full color.

These two books go hand in hand, and you need both to use the program.

Additional recommended add-ons for the Foundations A curriculum we received to facilitate this review include:

Doodling Dragons: An ABC Book of Sounds  $15.00
56 pages. Hardcover. Full color.

Basic Phonogram Flash Cards $18
Handwriting Tactile Cards $28
Phonogram Game Cards Red $10
Phonogram Game Cards Blue $10
Rhythm of Handwriting Quick Reference Chart $10
Small Student Whiteboard $9
Why Choose Foundations A?

Foundations A is a “hands on” begining reading, phonics, spelling, and writing program.  It covers lots of different learning styles (visual, auditory, tactile, etc)  for children and gives them opportunity to practice a variety of skills.  It helps you, the Parent / Teacher establish the correct “foundation” for building reading and writing skills in your child.  

The curriculum includes:

48 Lessons (40 instructional lessons
and 8 Assessment and Review lessons)
6 Student Readers that develop true reading
 comprehension skills rather than encouraging 
students to “picture read”
22 Phonemic Awareness Games
28 Phonogram Games
10 Reading Comprehension Games
2 High Frequency Word Games

Summary of goals your child will accomplish when working with Foundations A (adapted from the Logic Of English web site): 

By the time students finish Foundations Level A, they will: 

Have an awareness of how sounds are formed in the mouth.

Blend and segment words auditorily (with no printed words).

Be able to identify the initial and final sound in a word and 
match it to the correct single-letter phonogram.

Read all the sounds for / from A-Z.

Write the lowercase alphabet in manuscript or cursive.

Read consonant-vowel-consonant words.

Be able to decode 25 high-frequency words with some fluency.

Spell short vowel words.

Read short vowel words with consonant blends.

Read and comprehend phrases with all lowercase letters 
and short vowels.

Check out the web site for more information about the benefits of Foundations curriculum and why it can meet the needs of your homeschool.

How we used Foundations A:
I am using Foundations A with the recommended add ons, with my 5 year old son for the purpose of this review.  We are completing one lesson a day, and sometimes going back over the lesson again the following day if he needs more work in that skill.  The lessons are short and easy to do. This is a very nice beginning level learning product and he is really enjoying it.  He is so proud of “his” curriculum!
I like Foundations A so much, that I want to purchase an extra workbook for my 6 year old daughter as soon as I can.  My youngest child, age 2 1/2 also loved to follow along and mimic his older brother too.  I will get him a workbook in the next year or so when he is ready. The reusable resource kit will last for several kids and through all the various levels of the curriculum for future use too. There is an app available to use on your smart phone (or other devices) that I would like to get too.  My son loves to use my phone, but I hope someday we can get a learning device like an Ipad or a tablet so they can do a lot more.

First off, I was thrilled with the quality of these materials.  Logic of English has spared no expense on the materials these products are made of. Everything was heavy duty and of good quality and will last for a long time.

The Teachers Manual is a large hardback book.  It is full color and laid out very nicely.  It was very easy for me to stay organized, follow instructions, and implement the lessons. There are lots of colorful graphics that organize everything and provide extra tips too.  I think it is the nicest Teacher’s Manual I have ever owned.  If all Teacher’s Manuals were made to these standards, it would be so easy and wonderful to teach various subjects.  

The Student Workbook is a large full color paperback workbook.  There are lots of bright colors and interesting graphics for the kids.  He really likes it and I think that partly has to do with the fact that there is not too much information on a page, as the instructions for each lesson for the workbook are located in the Teacher’s Manual.  This helps to keep the workbook easy to read and do for young learners.  They must listen to the instructions from the Teacher and follow along and then complete the answers.  Below is a picture of the very first lesson my son did and he was listening to me explain compound words, learning how to “glue” words together to make a compound word, and then locating the matching picture.

The Tactile Flash Cards are very nice.  We have never had a set of tactile flash cards before.  It incorporates more than just your sense of sight, it blends sight learning with your sense of touch to help your brain remember and process the information.  You remember better the more senses you incorporate when learning new skills and information.  The cards are made on very heavy paper and include a sandpaper shape and letters.  The student traces the shape or letter with their finger.  Then practices writing the shape or letter on the wipe off board.  They first learn shapes or directions of lines before learning the letters that are made up of those shapes and lines.

He loved using the wipe off board to copy the tactile cards.  He is left handed so that made it a little challenging for him.  When you use your left hand and write from left to right on a wipe of board, you tend to accidentally wipe off what you just wrote as you move along.  That got him a little upset after it happened several times, but he kept working at it, and re-wrote his work so he could show me that he completed it.
The curriculum is full of learning games and hands on activities.  There are games that involve large and small motor skills where you move through out, spelling games, listening games, card games using the Phonogram Game Cards, and more.  An example of a silly learning game is to use a fly swatter and slap the correct phonogram card when the teacher calls out the sound.  There are also 6 readers, or picture books in the back of his workbook that he gets to assemble.  

The curriculum is fun, easy to implement, multisensory, and my son is so excited about all the different activities in his curriculum.  I would definitely recommend these materials for homeschools, classrooms, afterschool programs, tutoring, and ESL programs.  They are great resources.
Great news! The Foundations A is the first level in a series of learning materials. Each level is progressive and builds on the last.  There is A, B, C, and D levels.  Would you like to try out a sample of the different levels before you buy?  There are FREE SAMPLES of ALL student levels, teachers manuals, readers, and more.  

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