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I am really excited to tell you that I was asked to review P  & G Products at Walmart. I was sent a $100 gift card from P & G (Proctor & Gamble) and asked to pick out three or more P & G products at that my family could use. How awesome is that? It was like Christmas in July!

Walmart carries a huge list of P & G Products. There is no way I could tell you about all of them, but I am sure you know most of them because P & G has been around for 175 years and has been a household name for generations. Most of us grew up with several P & G products in our home such as Tide, Pampers, Mr. Clean, Charmin and more.

Products       (photo of Proctor and Gamble products brands).

Our family of 8 people has big needs for household items. I appreciate the convenience, variety and savings for the typical household items offered at I needed diapers, toilet paper and paper towels, so this was a perfect opportunity to stock up on those necessities and try out Walmart’s new online ordering app for the smart phone.

For the purpose of this review, I used the gift card to purchase online:

Charmin Ultra Soft Mega Rolls Toilet Paper


Bounty Select A Size Paper Towels

Bounty Select A Size

Pampers Sensitive Wipes

Pampers Sensitive Wipes

Technology just keeps changing constantly and Walmart is keeping up with the demands of shoppers by offering an online ordering service at You can order with your smart phone, or you have the option to order from your computer. You can have items shipped to the store for pick up for free, or to your home (or vacation location) for free if you order at least $50 or more. Orders that are less than $50 incur a shipping fee. It really can’t get much simpler than ordering right from your phone and having the things you need shipped right to your door.

I am so glad to know about this service.  I have six kids and it can be a challenge sometimes to take them all to the store.  Inevitably someone will have something on backwards, is fussy, or someone will have a messy face by the time we make it inside the store.  Now I can skip all that drama, and order the household things we need, and shop in my pajama’s while I drink coffee if I want to.   How cool is that?

With the Walmart Mobile Smart Phone App, you can check prices on products from your home or in the store by scanning the bar code, you can speak or type your shopping list, you can re-fill prescriptions, check out the shopping ads and specials, order and pay for items you want, and also read product reviews.

If I go on vacation, I will definitely keep this new mobile phone app in mind.  A few years ago we took a trip to the ocean and stayed at the Isle Of Palms in South Carolina. Being able to order items right on my phone that I had forgot to pack for our trip like laundry soap, and extra diapers and have them delivered to the location we were staying would have saved us a mind boggling trip with fussy kids, into the big city of Charleston where we got temporarily lost on the freeways as we tried to navigate a city we didn’t know and find some household items we really needed. Being able to use your phone to order what you need and have it delivered to you is a wonderful modern time-saving convenience for families.

It is so easy to order P & G products your family needs through

Would you like to win a $25 Walmart gift card to buy what you need at If so, please enter the giveaway by leaving a comment letting me know one P & G product you use in your home, and liking us on Facebook.

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Disclaimer: Walmart Gift Cards and information was provided by P & G for the purpose of writing an honest review of my online shopping experience.

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40 thoughts on “Find P&G Products At Walmart

    1. Melinda Weiser Post author

      It is amazing how many products we use from this company. I wonder if you took a poll of all the households, if there is a house that hasn’t heard about them because they are in every area of caring for the home, caring for babies, health and beauty care too. Thanks for joining up and be blessed!

  1. Amber Neal

    I use a lot of their products! I love Dawn dish soap and I add Gain to my homemade laundry soap so it gets a kick of extra cleaning power and that great smell.

    1. Melinda Weiser Post author

      We like Dawn dish soap too. We use Dawn Pure. It does a good job on dishes with our “hard” well water in Indiana. Also this summer my Aunt sent me a recipe to use to make homemade weed killer with Dawn Origional and vinegar. I haven’t tried the recipe yet, but I have seen it circulate around the internet all summer. It is great to find addional uses! There are so many things we can use in different ways that we don’t think about. Thanks for sharing. Be blessed!

  2. lextinacademy

    We go through a lot of Bounty paper towels at my house! Lots of cleaning up going on over here with 5 little munchkins!


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