Fathers Are Special

Hope all the fathers in your life had a great Father’s Day on Sunday.  

Father’s are special!

My kids and I spent a quiet afternoon with daddy and enjoyed the day.  They petted kittens, tossed around the football in the yard, and went swimming.  We didn’t have money to buy him special gifts this year.  But we gave him our attention and time, and mulberries.   We have trees with ripe mulberries!  So the best thing you can do is use what you have and make the best of it.  The kids picked mulberries, lots and lots of mulberries!  So we made dad a special mulberry cheesecake for Father’s Day. 

I am sure a lot of dads out there got tools, grills, shirts, fancy meals at a nice restaraunt, gift cards, maybe even vacations, etc. but I bet he is the only dad in the world who got a mulberry cheesecake made by his kids!   That make’s him pretty special!

The cheesecake turned out so pretty, tasted delicious, and my husband loved it.

We cooked the mulberries down to a jam like consitency and sweetened them with Truvia (all natural stevia and erythritol blend sweetner).  We pressed them through a food mill to remove stems and larger seeds, but smaller seeds went right through and into the jam.  

That was ok, because they are very small and soft and you don’t even notice them. Then we layered the mulberry jam onto the bottom layer of the cheesecake, put the nobake cheese cake filling (creamcheese, truvia, gellatin) on the next layer, and whip cream for the final top layer.  I just made up the recipe as we went along.  I wanted something low carb for him as he is trying to reduce sugar in his diet too.  And we already had two birthdays this month so we did not need another cake or high carb desert.    

He only got one piece.  There are eight of us.  I was able to cut the pie into exactly eight pieces and the kids ate theirs so fast that he almost didn’t get to eat all of his because they wanted more.  This desert was perfect, and I am so glad he enjoyed it.

Saw this video about Dad Life on Youtube and just had to share it.

Hope you had a great weekend with DAD!
Be blessed!

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