Eraser Sort, Stack, and Count

For Tot School this week we have had fun stacking, counting, and sorting various erasers and putting them into muffin tins.  We also used spoons, scoops, and tongs, to pick up the erasers and get them into the muffin hole or into a bowl.

This is such an easy, fun, and frugal activity.  You can use it with any erasers you have on hand or pick up a good supply at the dollar store.  If you don’t have erasers, no worries find something else in your house to sort, count and stack: bottle caps, dice, dominos, buttons, pompoms, cubes, blocks, rocks, doll shoes, m and m candies or other candies, cereals like cherios and rice chex, dried rasins and crandberries, pennies or other change, legos, toys, or whatever you have on hand.  The possibilites are endless.

Sort by:

Count by:


Transfer from one container to another.

Transfer using different methods: spoon, scoop, tongs, hands, etc.

Count how many will fit into a small container and how many will fit into a large container.

Hide the erasers in a sensory bin filled with colored rice or other filler, and other small objects, and have the child find or discover where the erasers are hiding.

Put three in a row that match.  Once the child masters this, mix one each from two rows, and see if they can figure out which one doesn’t belong and put it into the right place. When I was a child in the 1970’s, Sesame Street used to sing a song about “One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn’t belong, can you guess which one by the time I finish this song.” Or something like that.  I just sang my own rendition of the song to my children as we played this game.

Play tic tac toe three in a row with two different shapes or colors.

Get silly and just allow free play too.  My daughter had a lot of fun making up her own games.  In a picture below, she tried to place all the erasers on the muffin tin without letting them fall into the holes.


Shapes of erasers we used in this game were: circle, oval, and rectangle.

Themes and colors of erasers we used in this game were:
Dark Brown Football, Light Brown Football, White and Red Baseball, Red and Black Basket Ball, Black and White Soccer Ball, Pink and Black Smiley Faces

Rectangles were various colors of red, blue, green, yellow, pink, orange. We had two of each color though “someone” wouldn’t give up what was in their hand for the picture.

Here, my daughter is sorting only the reds and whites (baseballs and basket balls).

Here my son is putting three in a row that match.  Except for pink and brown.  For some reason he thinks they should go in the same hole.

Here, my son is trying to figure out which one was switched and doesn’t belong.

Here he is just practicing his skills of putting erasers in the holes.

Again, the posibilities of this simple game are endless and it is very good practice of a variety of skills.  My kids find lots of stuff around the house, in mommy’s cupboards, in the yard, in the craft and school supplies to do this activity with, almost everyday. 

What do your tots love to sort, stack, and count?
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