Eat Your Science Homework Review

We are having a BLAST reviewing Eat Your Science Homework by Ann McCallum Books.

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Have you ever thought of your kitchen as a science lab? Well you will now with this yummy science book full of experiments that will please your kid’s tummy, entice their taste buds, and satisfy their curiosity.

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Eat Your Science Homework

Ages 7-10 (flexible to use for all ages)

Large Full Color Illustrations,

48 High Quality Glossy Pages

Softcover Retails for $7.94

Hardcover Retails for $16.95

Science Adventures

This book covers six fun science adventures to help kids learn about the Scientific Method, Atoms and Molecules, Properties of Matter, Inherited Traits, Rocks and Minerals, and Our Solar System.  There is a free Educator’s Guide to help you teach each adventure.   For each science adventure has an introduction, a recipe, and a science experiment to complete after making the recipe.   Each science adventure includes vocabulary words, a fun recipe to make in the kitchen, an experiement using the scientific method, and fun colorful illustrations to read. Each adventure teaches science concepts in an easy to learn hands on way.


There are six delicious recipes to make, one recipe for each science adventure.  Steps to complete for each recipe:

  • Before You Begin: Prep work to do ahead of making the recipe.  Examples might be preheating the oven to the correct baking temperature.
  • Ingredients: A list of food times and quantities to make the recipe.  Examples might be 1 egg, 2 Tablespoons vegetable oil, etc.
  • Equipment: Equipment needed to complete the recipe.  Examples might be a muffin pan, mixing bowl, spatula, etc.
  • Method: Steps to put the ingredients together and then bake or use whatever method to achieve the finished results.

Educator’s Guide

Free Downloadable Teacher’s Guide available on the website.  This guide has great tips and printouts for you to further the learning.  It does not follow the book exactly, and all of the experiments are not discussed.  Instead the guide gives you a general feel for how to use the book to enhance learning.  The guide offers insight into a couple of the experiments (Atoms and Molecules: Atomic Popcorn Balls, Inherited Traits: Loop Whirl, and Arch Cookies) and has a few additional experiments ( 1+1 Doesn’t = 2; Talk About Tiny; Fingerprint Knowhow; Thumbs Up; Volcanoes and Heat; Science Sampler: Fondue) an icebreaker Bingo game; and worksheet printouts.

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30+ Vocabulary Words

There are over 30 science vocabulary words and terms in this book.  The teacher’s guide has printouts your kids can write out each vocabulary word, their own definition, the actual definition, and include a picture.  There are partially completed pages where the kids only need to fill in their own definition and picture and the word and actual definition are already completed, and there is also a blank template for kids to fill it all in themselves.  You can choose the level you need for your kids based on age and skill.

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What We Are Learning:

We are about 1/2 of the way through this funtastic book!  I hope to finish it before the holidays and buy the next book in the series.   This book is a fun way to teach 30+ science concepts and vocabulary words with six easy to make and delicious recipes.


We are learning about the Scientific Method, Atoms and Molecules, Properties of Matter, Inherited Traits, Rocks and Minerals, and the Solar System.

Scientific Method

  • Question: How to ask a question.
  • Make A Hypothesis:  Make a hypothesis or guess about the answer.
  • Experiment
  • Procedure
  • Observe: Observe and analyze what happens.
  • Conclude: Form a conclusion about the answer to the question.

Atoms and Molecules

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We popped popcorn and made Atomic Popcorn Balls.  We learned about the periodic table and atoms and molecules.  We pop popcorn weekly at our house, but this is the first time the kids turned them into popcorn balls.  I used to make them years ago for holidays, but stopped when I became more health conscious.  But it was fun to make them for science!

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Properties of Matter

Density Dressing and Veggie Sticks.  This was really fun as we made homemade dressing for our vegetables to dip in.  We have eaten veggies and dip many times, but never learned about density,  and properties of matter.

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Invisible Ink Snack Pockets.  We are looking forward to making this experiement soon.  The kids will learn about pH and and will make our own personalized version of hot pockets (like a pocket of bread crust stuffed with pizza toppings) and will be able to write on the outside that reappears when they are finished baking.

Inherited Traits


This was one of the kids favorite science adventures in this book. They were able to make cookies and study inheritance and fingerprints.  My kids read recipes and make cookies all the time.  We have learned math and measurements and conversions many times in the kitchen.  BUT this is the first time we have turned cookies into a science experiment.  I will post a future story about making these cookies.

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Rocks and Minerals

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This section teaches the kids about weights of different minerals and rocks.  They learn about the periodic table and about sedimentation.  They make a Sedimentary Pizza Lasagna (a lasagna made from pizza topping ingredients and lasagna noodles).    We have this science adventure planned for next week and the kids are really looking forward to it.

Our Solar System


With this section kids learn about gravity, black holes, mass, matter.  They will bake muffins with pancake mix and sausage to demonstrate these concepts.  We are planning to make these muffins during our Thanksgiving holiday for breakfast.  We will keep you posted in an upcoming story about this.  The kids are hoping they will like the taste and I think they will because they have had a sandwich made with pancakes on the outside and a sausage patty on the inside, so I think these will have a similar flavor even though they are in a muffin shape.  We will tie in more Solar System learning the week before and I think this experiment and recipe will be a lot of fun.

Though my kids have been cooking for many years already, they have learned a lot of new things with this fun book and will look at cooking in the kitchen in a whole new way.  They see the kitchen classroom in a whole new way.   I would encourage everyone to pick up a copy of this science book.

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About the Creator’s

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Author: Ann McCallum is an award winning author and a highschool teacher.  She currently teaches in Maryland, USA and has also has years of teaching experience in Canada and the United Arab Emirates.  She has authored several books for learning books for children of all ages: Eat Your Science Homework, Eat Your Math Homework, Eat Your History Homework, Rabbits Rabbits Everywhere, and The Measure of a Giant.  Ann McCallum Books has some of the funniest titles for curriculum your kids are going to love.

Illustrator: Leeza Hernandez is an award winning graphic designer, author, and illustrator in both England and the USA.  Her works are featured in books, magazines, and newspapers.

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