Christmas Bells Sort

Sort bells by color and size.

We started with a bowl full of bells. 

Josiah tested each one for sound, and we talked about their color, and size. 

He practiced scooping the bells with a large spoon, and a measuring cup, from the bowl to a Christmas tray.

Next, he walked around shaking the bells to hear how they sounded different.

The colors of our bells were gold, green, and red.
The sizes were: 
        small round shaped gold
        small round shaped red
        medium round shaped green
        medium bell shaped gold
        large bell shaped red

Each size and shape made a different sound.

Josiah practiced putting the bells in order from smallest to largest.

Next, Josiah practiced putting different bells through a funnel to fill a container.  He especially liked the medium bell shaped bells for this activity.

We talked about how many bells would fit into this size container.  

Next, we counted the bells as he put them into the funnel.

Then we switched to a larger container and practiced some more.  Josiah understood the larger container would hold more bells than the smaller container.

This sorting game is good practice for:
        eye hand coordination
        size sorting
        color sorting
        sound recognition
        building confidence

and good for a cheeeeeeesy smile! 

I just love it when he gives me his best smile.

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Bells Sort

  1. Weiser Academy

    Yes, this activity kept Josiah busy a good chunk of the day.  So many different things to do with these bells.  I forgot to mention we sang songs and shook the bells in rythm.  Bells are so much fun.

    Thank you for the invitation to your blog hop.  I am honored for you to ask me and I will definately join up.  Looking forward to getting to know you better at monkyingaround1 blog.

    Happy Holidays


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