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Egglo Review For Easter

We are looking forward to celebrating the Easter holiday this year.  I don’t have big plans, just plan to keep the focus on Jesus Christ, and celebrate here at home with my husband and kids.  But there is a special anticipation, a new excitement, and the kids are really excited about this upcoming holiday. This excitement has been stirred by Egglo.   We were sent products from Egglo Entertainment to review with our family this month before Easter, so that we could tell our readers about this wonderful learning tool.  

What Is Egglo? 

Egglo includes a group of products that help you make Christ the focus of your Easter celebration. Egglo’s motto is to “Learn Biblical lessons and Gospel truth through a glowing egg hunt!” and they focus on the bible verse “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it” John 1:5  The light being referenced is Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Glow In The Dark Egglo Eggs retails for $11.99 on sale for $9.99
One dozen plastic and fillable eggs that glow in the dark when charged under light. They come in four colors: green, yellow, pink, and blue.  Half of the eggs have a cross design on the egg.  Discounts are available for bulk purchases.
The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure retails for $12.99 on sale for $9.99
Illustrated 40 page story book about an Easter egg hunt and the true meaning of Easter.
Lesson plans with suggestions for activities, snacks, and crafts to help you use the Egglo products and keep the focus of Easter on Christ. 60 pages with reproducibles.

These are a package of 12 mini scrolls with scriptures and are great to stuff inside the plastic eggs.

This is the story book in a 30 minute audio form.

Other products are available on the Egglo website, such as a complete kit, stickers, character stickers, DVD, and more.  These products are suggested to be used by kids ages 4-13 but activities can be easily be adjusted and used by kids of all ages with adult helpers to host the activities.

How We Used Egglo:

We received a box with 12 Egglo eggs, Egg-cellent Adventure book, mini Treasure Scripture Scrolls to fill the eggs with, audio book download, and a pdf file with the Program Guide / Curriculum.   

The first thing I did was download, print, and read the pdf Program Guide / Curriculum guide we were sent.  This is a treasure trove of information.  The Program Guide / Curriculum is filled with great ideas for activities, lesson plans, devotions, questions and answers, how to hold a nightime glow in the dark Egglo Egg Hunt, crafts, games, coloring pages, etc.  It is written to be used by a church group with volunteer helpers, but also works great for families, classrooms, and local clubs too.
We implemented most of these great ideas as a family.  There are 8 of us, 6 kids of various ages and 2 adults, so we had a good size family group to have a fun learning adventure and celebrate with this. Though I love the idea to approach the local church on hosting a fun Christ centered egg hunt too.

The older children read the story book to the younger children and everyone enjoyed the colorful pictures, the characters, and the biblical message. 

 I have two who can read the book on their own, one who can read it with assistance, and three younger children who needed the story read to them. Having the older ones read to the younger ones is a win / win!

“Jesus Loves Me”
This was my own idea, and I thought it would go great with the Egglo theme and other activities we were doing.  This was a craft project we made with foam crosses.  We had these wonderful foam craft supplies to make crosses and put each child’s name on them. They say “Jesus Loves Me” and then there is a banner that hangs on the cross with the child’s name.  We loved adding in this little craft kit for Easter.  If you don’t have a craft kit, you could make this with construction paper, popsicle sticks, or draw, and use paint, crayons, or markers to color something similar on regular paper.   

We discussed how Christ loves us and that is why he died for us.   We celebrated this activity theme with a cake with three crosses to signify the two sinners and Christ on the cross.  Christ said he is the light of the world, and those who walk in the light will not fall away.  He also said that those who believe in him will not perish, but will have eternal life.  One of the sinners who died on the cross accepted Jesus as the son of God, and one did not.  To the one who believed him, he told him he would be with him in heaven forever.  The other sinner went to hell for rejecting Jesus and refusing to repent of his sin.   The cross represents Christ’s love and sacrifice for us, but it also represents our personal choice to follow or reject Christ.

“Egglo Egg Hunt”
We planned our egg hunts using the dozen Egglo eggs we were sent.  We also added a few extra plastic eggs we had on hand to provide a few more eggs to find.  These eggs are neat because they can be used in the daylight or in darkness, inside or out.

We charged up our eggs in the sun and then had an egg hunt in the house after dark. It is suggested to “charge” the eggs in sunlight, or other kinds of light and that the eggs will stay brightly lit for about 45 to 60 minutes, and then give off a dim light for a little longer.  I left the eggs in bright sunlight for two hours, and they stayed dimly lit for a long time.  The kids could find their way to the eggs in the dark, because of the dim light they gave off.  

Another day we had an egg hunt outside just before dark.  We filled the eggs with a scripture verse and a small chocolate candy bar.  We added six additional eggs to the 12 glow in the dark Egglo eggs we were sent.  This allowed each child to find a total of three eggs, and that was more than enough chocolate!  You can copy the scripture cards from the Program Guide, or use the Egglo Treasure Scripture Scrolls and place them in the eggs.  There is also the idea of placing stickers in the eggs that are also available on the Egglo website.

Like the glow in the dark eggs we hunted, and flashlights we use to light our path in the dark, Jesus lights the way in our life.  He is the “Light of the World”.  For this activity, the kids made an edible torch.  They placed large pretzel sticks into marshmallows, then dipped them in whipped cream, and sprinkled on red, yellow, and orange sugar sprinkles.  This gave the look of a flame on a torch.  We talked about how Jesus is the light in our life to light our path, and also how we can be a light when we tell others about who Jesus is.

We talked about how Christ’s body was removed from the cross, wrapped in linen, and placed in a tomb.  The tomb was then sealed with a large stone to cover the entrance. Guards were posted outside of the tomb to be sure no one disturbed it.  But on the third day, God opened the tomb.  He rolled the stone away.  Mary and other desciples went to find his body, but he was gone.  An angel told them he had risen, just as he said he would.  Christ had risen from the dead on the third day.  To celebrate God openning the tomb, and Jesus resurrection, we made “tomb” sandwiches with bagels spread with an herb cheese spread to represent the tomb, and a slice of cucumber to represent the stone that was in front of the tomb, and then was rolled away.  The kids really enjoyed making their own sandwiches and retelling the story.  

We changed this game that was mentioned in the Program Guide / Curriculum with our own version.  The original game uses three inflated beach balls.  I did not have beach balls on hand.   So we made our own game with plastic base balls and a bat.  We labeled three balls with the words “Tell”, “Trust”, and “Thank”.  The person who the ball was batted to answered the label on the ball.  For example, they might say they want to “thank” God for sending his son Jesus, or they might say why they “trust” Jesus, or if they got the ball labeled “tell” then they might mention who they want to tell what God has done for them, or tell them about Jesus and his love for us.  I would encourage everyone to play this game even if they have to adjust it to what supplies you have on hand.  Try it with bean bags, balloons, stuffed animals, etc.  Or use a coin and flip it heads or tales to answer questions.  There are many ways to play this kind of game and still get the message across, and there are no wrong answers.

Coloring Pages:
There are several wonderful reproducible coloring pages in the curriculum.  We completed three per child to reinforce the bible lessons we learned and we still had several left over that we did not use.  Our favorite picture is of the crippled boy and his mom with Jesus.  The boy is embracing Jesus and Jesus is holding the boy and laying his hand on his forehead and healing him.  

More Plans:
Before Easter arrives, I still plan to do several more of the suggested Christ focused activities, and other additional hands on activities, to help build our faith and reinforce the true meaning of Easter:  projects like the “Egg-cellent Easter Eggs” activity with the kids making and decorating sugar cookies and gelatin snacks and use icing to draw a cross on the cookies and I would like to find cross shaped or egg shaped gelatin molds too; “Light and Dark” activity where the kids are placed into a large dark box like a leftover refrigerator cardboard box, and they can’t see because it is dark inside, but then when given a light they see pictures of people that God loves glued on the inside walls of the box; Bible Memory games based on Matthew 26-28, Mark 14-16, Luke 22-24, John 18-20; “Scripture Scramble” where you place words from John:1 on various balloons and it is all mixed up and the kids race to put it back in order; we want to do the “He Is Not Here” activity again and make another fun craft (we will come up with something) and the fun snack using mini donuts, cookies, graham crackers, icing, and coconut; and I plan to add in some Lego fun too.   I want to have the kids make an Easter Lego movie where they retell the story of Jesus death and resurrection using their Legos.  They love to make stop motion Lego movies and this would be a wonderful opportunity to reinforce our faith.  Perhaps there is a way to incorporate the Egglo eggs and the Lego people at the same time.  I’ve got to think on this idea some more.  We also plan to do another Christ focussed, “light in the dark world”, Egglo egg hunt the night before Easter, weather permitting outside, or inside if need be.  Plus my younger kids love using eggs year around in their school learning.  We match colors, count, sort, scoop, practice skills, hide themes inside, and more.  We are looking forward to lots more fun and using this product again in the future.

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