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Counting Candy

Daddy is the Candy Man at our house.  He has a definite sweet tooth!

It is great fun to turn that desire for something sweet into a learning lesson with the kids.

Recently, Daddy had some Skittles candy on hand.

Skittles are a fun manipulative to use for counting, sorting colors, and mixing flavors.

Senses used include:

Skittles are also good for using motor skills to pick up the small shapes, and building brain cells to add, subtract, and estimate, while counting the candy.

Several ideas to expand this math fun might include using colored dice and rolling a color or counting out the number of pieces that match the dice, graphing, sorting pieces by number or color onto a mat, putting candies in water and seeing the water change color, mixing colors in water, putting candy in a paper bag and while blind folded guess what color or flavor of candy you grabbed, etc.

This is one math lesson that no one wants to miss out on. 

Thanks Candy Man!

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Pizza Math Game

My kindergartner and second grader had a pizza showdown today.

This math game is so much fun to play.  Either with older students or younger ones, everyone has a good time. 

Some of the learning games in Pizza Math include making a pizza out of:
six different toppings
all one topping of the same kind
add each slice of pizza in the same kind in numerical order from one to six
all toppings must add up to equal 10
1/2 one kind and 1/2 another kind
2/6th or 1/3rd different kinds

Here my kindergartner was learning fraction concepts such as 1/2.

1/2 mushroom
1/2 cheese

The second grader was building a 1/2 bell pepper and 1/2 sausage pizza.  The preschooler was watching intently.  She is going to pick up on these skills in no time.  Pizza is so easy to understand.  Everybody wants a piece of the action.

Here the boys were learning 1 of a kind.  Each piece must represent a different 1 of a kind topping.  Here he drew a pizza card and already has this kind, and must return it to the discard pile.

Of course, older brother was very pleased that younger brother did not get to keep that card.

Older brother was able to finish his pizza with 6 different toppings before his younger sibling finished.  But this round wasn’t about adding or fractions, it was about the luck of the draw.

This game is great for learning so many different skills:
    making different kinds of pizzas
    learning patterns
    circle shapes
    triangle shapes
    reasoning skills and deduction. 
    following directions 
    placing the cards into the position to make a pizza and drawing cards and returning cards
    to the discard pile, are all good practice for eye hand coordination
    learning to take turns
    learning to be a good sport even when you don’t win, and be happy for your opponent

What math games do you like to play with your kids to help them understand the concept of fractions? Leave us a comment below.

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