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Free Online Constitution Class

I signed up my kids for this FREE online class. I wanted to let you know about it too. Below is the post I recieved inviting folks to join. Hope reposting it here will help more folks find out about great educational resources to enrich your homeschool learning adventures.

Calling All Patriots:

Constitution Day 2013 is coming, and we have a lot to celebrate!

Email subscribers get free enrollment in my live, online Constitution Celebration course on September 17, 2013.

a $10 value — free for subscribers

Gather with us in the virtual town square to honor the oldest surviving constitution in the world! We’ll explore the lives and times of the men and women who helped form this magnificent document.

I’ll show you how to play some of the games that families played at the time of our nation’s founding — I’ll even show you how to make your own games to play at home!

Join in the Online Class — Constitution Celebration


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

10:00 a.m. PT/ 11:00 a.m. MT/ noon CT/ 1:00 p.m. ET

This live, online class will last for one hour and is great for the whole family.

What students will discover at this event

  • the purpose of government
  • what is liberty
  • rights and responsibilities
  • why a Constitution?
  • why a Bill of Rights?
  • the need for checks and balances
  • how to make a Betsy Ross ‘one cut’ star
  • games and crafts that kids played in the 1700′s

Your whole family will enjoy this Constitution Celebration!

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Free for Homeschool Spirit Week

I am sorry to get this posted

on the last day of

International Homeschool Spirit Week.

But better late than never!


Unit Study Guides

and Lapbooks

Homeschool Pride Project Pack

The History of Homeschooling, Famous Homeschoolers, and more!

By Hands Of A Child

Retails for $7.99

FREE today only to celebrate the last day of International Homeschool Week 2012.

About My Homeschool

By Knowledge Box Central

FREE right now!

Just click on the titles and it should take you to the downloads.

I am thrilled with the one by Hands Of A Child and can’t wait to make it with my kids soon! I’ve downloaded it to a file on the computer until I am ready to use it. This is a great product and points out amazing facts about the history of homeschooling, and encourages our children, and me, in our homeschool endeavors. Everything is spelled out in an easy to follow guide. I can’t wait to do this unit study and make a cool homeschool lapbook!

Be Blessed and Happy Homeschooling!

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Free Education Planning And Record Keeping

Having a good and useable system to help you stay organized is essential.  

Here is a list of free record keeping forms and planning forms you can use to make your own planner or file system.

Find the forms that fit your personal style of planning and record keeping.  Print them and keep them in a three ring binder, or have them bound, to make a handy portable planner you can use every day of the year.

Use these forms for updating your students files, posting on a bulletin board,  and homeschool portfolio too.

Check out all the Free Education resources on our master list link at  FREE EDUCATION

                 Planning and Record Keeping

Donna Young Planning Pages

Highland Planning and Record Forms

Knowledge Quest Curriculum Integration Guides

Homeschool Creations Planning and Preschool Forms

Stickers and Charts

Home Fires

Homeschool Helper Online

Printable Homeschool

World Book Typical Course Of Study Per Grade Level

TEACH-nology Rubics

Teacher Jet

Open Court

Bulletin Board Displays

Homeschool Skedtrack

What free planning and record keeping resources have you found helpful in your homeschooling journey?  Leave a comment below, thank you.

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Free Education Tests And Quizzes

Do you live in a state that requires standardized testing of your homeschool student?

You can find out what the requirements for testing are, and the homeschool laws, for the state you live in here at this link

After arriving at the site, just click on your state and it will take you to a page specific for you.

There are lots of options for testing.  If your state does not require standardized testing, there are many free assessment options that you can use to gage where your children’s skills are, and how they perform academically.

If your state does require you to administer a standardized test, there are many tests to choose from and they are in many different price categories.   I have seen prices range from $25 to over $200 and even over $1000 for some specific specialty testing.

We live in NC, and our state requires administering a nationally standardized test and keeping the results on file one time a year for each student.   We have been testing our children with the CAT5  test for the past three years since moving to North Carolina.  

The CAT5 can be administered by the parent in your own home, or you can join up with a group of homeschoolers taking the test in a class setting.  So far, it is the most affordable nationally standardized test I have found that covers all the academic areas.  Depending on who you get it from and the setting you give it in, the price ranges from $25 to $80.  This test typically costs our family about $35 per child to rent the materials and have the results scored and mailed to us.  

The CAT5 does not address things like your child’s learning style, or make recommendations.   It does however, provide you with a comprehensive scoring form that shows how your child is performing compared to all grade levels when given the same test.   So the test could show your 3rd grade child is performing better than an 11th grader in all categories, or it could show they are not doing as well as the average 3rd grader in math comprehension, but is doing better than the average 10th grade student in language comprehension, etc. 

I am thankful that the test is not expensive, and has shown me that my children are doing very well in their academic skills.  My kids are are on target or above target for their grade level.  It does set my mind at ease to know we are on track and also where we may need to focus for the upcoming year. 

Find links to all our Free Education articles here    FREE EDUCATION

FREE Tests & Quizzes

Alpha Omega Placement Testing

Saxon Placement Testing

Mindsprint Placement Testing

Texas Education Agency TAKS

ACT Practice Test

SAT Practice Test

Make Your Own Test and Quizzes

That Quiz


IQ Test

Quiz Tree

Garden Of Praise

Soft School Quizzes

“Not Free”  Tests

With a little searching, you can likely find qualified testers in your local area for many of the tests listed below.

CAT E  Seton Testing Services

CAT 5  Bayside School Services 

CAT 5  Family Learning Organization

Woodcock Johnson   ATC ED

Woodcock Johnson Brewer Testing

Terra NOVA  Brewer Testing

Terra NOVA The Sycamore Tree

Achievement and Learning Ability BJU




Bright Storm:  PSAt, AP, ACT, SAT

What other testing sources have you found? 
Please leave a comment below, thank you.


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Free Education Art Crafts and Coloring Pages

Adding ART of various forms into our daily routine makes living enjoyable. 

Without joy, people are depressed, overwhelmed, and unsettled.  But add in a cup of joy to each day, and people change.  They express happiness, acceptance, and optomism.  The bible says the joy of the Lord is our strength.  We can find joy by spending time with the Lord each day.   A fun way to encourage the expression of joy in our character is through art.

Not all artists display joyful or happy character qualities, mainly because art becomes a route job or project to get done.  For them, art no longer represents something enjoyable and truly creative in their life.  They worship and serve art, rather than art serving them. 

I love the approach children take to art.  There is fun and freedom in their creations, art serves them joy, the way art should be. 

The greatest artist I have ever learned about is God.  He is a master artist.  You can see his creativity in every sunrise, every face of a child, every plant that grows, every wave that reaches the shore, every bird that sings, every star filled sky.  He is a sculpter, potter, painter, designer, carver, refiner, architect, engineer, inventor, a creator, and so much more. 

As I teach my children about the amazing ART that is part of this world, I remind them of the Artist who created the world.  Scientists call him “Intelligent Design”, but I call him Father.  There has never been, nor will there ever be, an artist as great as God who calls himself “I AM”.

Here are some wonderful FREE Educational resources to use in teaching your children about the various forms of art and creativity.

If you would like to link to this page and tell others about these resources, please share this link

Arts & Crafts & Coloring Pages

School Express Drawing Worksheets

Easy Fun School

Dick Blick Art Lesson Plans

How To Draw Videos By Jan Brett

Making Popup Books, Paper Engineering, Crafts, and more

Art Made Easy by Samantha Bell Lesson Plans

Christian Answers Coloring Pages

Donna Young: Art

Artists Helping Children

Activity TV

Deep Space Sparkle


KDDoodle: Hand Drawn Coloring Pages


Paper Toys

Danielles Place

The Crafty Classroom

Coloring Page Source

Art Encyclopedia

Bright Ring

Make Stuff

Smithsonian:  Everything Art

Homeschool Art Lessons

Art Safari

Origami Kids

Some Great Blogs I Enjoy Reading With Lots of Art Projects For Kids Among Many Other Helpful Things

No Time For Flash Cards

Red Ted Art

Pink And Green Momma

What free art, crafts, and coloring websites and resources have you found that have helped in your homeschooling journey?  Please leave a comment below, thank you.

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Free Education

This is the first post in a series of posts titled Free Education.

Each post will focus on a category or subject matter and include links for free resources you can use to homeschool your children for free (or almost for free, as there are costs involved for printer ink, paper, basic supplies, etc.).

As we travel on this Free Education learning journey, I will update the links as I find new ones to share. 

This post serves as a Table Of Contents, and master link, to the categories in this series.  As I post each category, the link on this page for that catergory will become active.

If you have suggestions and resources, please send them in, and we will keep the list continually updated with information.

Free Education Categories

Art, Crafts, and Coloring Pages


Christian Faith: 
    Bible Study, 
    Character Development, 
    Church Programs

College Courses


Current Events

Curriculum:  Full K-12 Programs, Scope and Sequence

Documentaries & Other Free Videos

Early Childhood & Elementary & Special Needs & ESL

Field Trips



High School


Language Arts: 

Language (other than English): 
    Sign Language, 


Life Skills: 
    Auto Repairs, 
    Child Care, 
    First Aide, 
    Health & Hygene, 
    House Keeping, 
    House Repairs, 
    Survival Skills,  




Parenting Helps

Planning and Record Keeping





Technology Skills: 
    Internet Safety, 

Tests and Quizzes (Free and “not free” resources)


Unit Studies

Vocational Curriculum:  


MISCELLANEOUS Homeschool Resources

What free resources have you found that your family enjoys using in your homeschooling journey?

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Free Audio Bible

Have you seen or heard about this?


You can click on the play button below, and listen to a chapter from the bible.  Select what book and chapter and language you would like to hear. 

You can download a free copy of the entire audio bible to your computer to listen anytime you want.  You can also choose to download the old testament or new testament too.

They have over 500 versions in different languages available.

They have both dramatized versions (like listening to events actually happening with all the background and voices etc.) or non dramatized versions (like listening to a person reading out loud).

Why is this available, you might ask?

This is a ministry outreach to share the gospel so that all may hear and know who God is.   They work at translating the bible into languages all over the world and offer it for free.  There is a place on their website where you can make donations to help with this ministry if you want to give and help them with their goals.

Learn more about this wonderful ministry at

Just a few fun learning ideas:

Listen during dinner.

Listen and gain practice in a foreign language.
    Are you studying Spanish or French or any other language?  Give this a try to enhance your learning.
    If English is not your first language, this would be a great help to learn to speak better English too.

Listen to your daily bible study.

Listen while you cook or clean.

Listen while you do art work, scrap book, or crafts.

Listen to a short passage, then have the kids write out, or talk about what they heard.  Great for dictation practice and speaking practice too.

Listen as a family and then talk about what you have heard.

They also have an English dramatized version just for kids!

My family is definitely appreciating this ministry outreach! 

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