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Computer Science For Kids Review

Homeschoolers may wonder where and how they can acquire computer skills beyond the simple ability of word processing and playing games, and help their students be more ready for the challenges they will face in a computerized world. Have no fear, Computer Science For Kids has homeschool curriculum ready to assist you.

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My 12 year old is currently in Chapter 5 of Computer Bible Games For Microsoft Small Basic  by Computer Science For Kids.  He loves it and we can’t wait to tell you more about it.
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Computer Bible Games For Microsoft Small Basic is a comprehensive introduction to learning Small Basic computer programming.  This program requires a computer with Windows Vista or higher to opperate.  It is for Grades 6-12, and adults wanting to learn will find it useful too.  It comes in several formats, including a download version, a paperback version, and also a multi-user school version, so be sure to check the web site for pricing details on each version.


This description of the program is from the Computer Science For Kids web site:
“Computer Bible Games for Microsoft Small Basics designed to help beginner Christian middle-school students understand Small Basic programming concepts while developing “fun and simple” learning games and Computer Bible Games. Microsoft Small BASIC is a simple BASIC programming environment designed specifically for kids to help prepare them for more complex programming languages like Visual Basic, Visual C# and Java. Small Basic also includes a “graduate code” button which automatically converts the student’s source code into Microsoft Visual Basic”.

There are 13 chapters in Computer Bible Games for Small Basic.  It is designed to be completed in 13 weeks by working 3 to 6 hours each week. You can go faster or slower depending on the needs of your homeschool student’s computer skill level.  Parents can learn this program right along with their kids.  


Please see theTable Of Contents for a complete list of chapters and lessons and skills learned in each chapter.  The chapter headings include:

                    Introducing Small Basic 
                    Small Basic Program Basics 
                    Your First Small Basic Program 
                    Small Basic Program Design, Input Methods 
                    Debugging, Decisions, Random Numbers 
bsp;     Small Basic Looping, Subroutines 
                    More Small Basic Looping, Arrays 
                    Small Basic Graphics, Mouse Methods 
                    Timers, Animation, Keyboard Methods 
                    Noah’s Ark 
                    Daniel and the Lions 
                    Elijah and the Ravens 
                    More Computer Bible Games & Learning Games 


This course is an easy step by step program. Through this course, my son is learning about :
                    Program design
                    Text window applications
                    Graphics window applications and more.
After learning the Small Basic program in chapters 1-9, my son will learn to program computer bible games in chapters 10-13: 

                    Noah’s Ark
                    Daniel and the Lions
                    Elijah and the Ravens
                    The Good Shepherd
                    The Prodigal Son
                    The Lost Coin
                    Bible Scramble 


A few more details about this program from the Computer Science For Kids web site: The “learning programs” include a unit conversion program, savings calculator, a sub-sandwich builder, a card wars game, a number guessing game, a state capitals game, a times table program, a stop watch, a simple drawing program, fun logic games and a fun video game. Finished programs can even be published on-line to share programs with others. 


Why would I want my homeschooler to have computer skills and know how to write computer programs?

Have you noticed that every area of life: commerce, service, food production, health care, and education seems to have a computer or a computerized device?  Every area of industry requires someone in the office or in the field to be able to use a computer.  Even simple things like eating in a restaraunt, buying groceries, publishing a book, editing a photo, using a dishwasher, or planning a garden at home involves a computer along the way somewhere.  It would be difficult in these modern times to run a business without using a computer.  Computer skills could make the difference in running a company profitably.  If you own your own business, you either need computer skills or need to hire someone with computer skills.  It also seems that all of us would be more valuable to employers if we had computer skills.   So that is why I want all of my children to learn computer skills now and be able to use them as a tool to reach their potential in their careers in the future.  This course is helping my kids head in the right direction.

I am very excited for my family to have access to great programs through Computer Science For Kids.  You can try before you buy and see the Sample Chapter Preview.

Be sure to also stop in and read what others on the Schoolhouse Crew have to say about these products. 

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