Bulk Groceries Save Money

Our May Bulk Food Order has arrived!!!

The big truck rolled in to town and we got busy!

The children helped load the van with all the wonderful bulk foods.

More items arrived by UPS and FedEx too.

Such savings!

We truly save money buying our pantry basics in bulk sizes.  So many items are available to be purchased this way, and it is a lot cheaper than retail.  Many of these items are organic, natural, and nutrient dense compared to what is available in local stores.  So it makes me happy to know I can afford to give these items to my family when I am able to buy them in bulk sizes and save.

Here is the amazing list of items our Homeschool Buying Club members ordered on this order:

2 cases of grass fed ground beef  80 lbs  (we are able to get cases of this for $5.91 lb including frozen shipping on dry ice.) 

Nutritionally superior to grain fed beef!!! 

High in CLA, protein, balanced Omega 3 to 6 ratios, and more.  This beef is the best!

2 cases of grass fed beef heart 12 lbs

1 gallon coconut oil

2 coconut oil jars

1 grape seed oil

1 case coconut cream
2 coconut cream jars

1 case of organic cocoa powder

4 cases of canned organic Eden beans (I didn’t unpack them for the photo)

5 lbs  organic lentils

50 lbs organic sugar

5 lbs organic sugar x 2

50 lbs sea salt

5 lbs real salt

5 lb natural pistachio roasted and salted

5 lb organic raw almonds

5 lb cashews roasted and salted

50 lb red wheat berries

50 lb white wheat berries

5 lb white wheat berries

25 lb gold’n white organic flour

10 lb natural white flour

50 lb organic brown basmati rice

5 lb organic brown basmati rice

5 lb organic white popcorn x 2

5 lb dried mango slices

5 lb gluten

2 lb gluten

2 lb organic coconut shredded

1 lb baking yeast 

1 lb baking soda

1 lb baking powder

1 gallon raw honey

5 lb natural peanut butter

1 lb zesty sprouting mix

Organic rice cakes

2 6-pack of natural soda

1 Gallon Benefect Household Cleaner


It was a large order, and whew, I am glad that it is done!

Next is the fun part of sorting the items, and saying hi to everyone when they pick them up.


We are able to buy items in bulk, and by the case, at wholesale and pass this savings on to the Homeschool Buying Club.

Let me know if you have any questions, or if you would like to place a future order with the Homeschool Buying Club, or with Weiser Natural Foods.

Be blessed!

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