Bulk Food Order Deadline

Just a friendly reminder that our next bulk food order deadline is

 Monday    October  18th, 2010.

We have a great opportunity to buy lots of needed items at wholesale.   

Do you need flour?

Do you need sugar?

Do you need pasta?

Do you need salt or spices?

Do you need mixes for cakes or brownies?

Do you need pasta sauce or pizza sauce?

Do you need whole or cracked grains, cereals, or rolled oats?

Do you need coffee or tea?

Do you need peanut butter?

Do you need laundry soap, toilet cleaner, shampoo, lotions, or soap?

Do you need vitamins or supplements?

Do you need specialty items for recovery from an illness, or special items such as gluten free, or allergen free?  Or do you use all natural makeup and beauty supplies?

Are you making gifts for the holiday’s and need supplies?

Our Homeschool Buying Club  is made up of Moms and Dads just like you who want to get the best quality food and nutrition for their family for the best dollar. 

Each month they receive the best quality foods to stock their pantries.   Many of these products are the same food brands you find at health food stores, but for a much cheaper price.  On most products, you will see a 30% to 50% savings over the local stores.   There are times when we get even deeper discounts on certain brands and the savings could be as high as 75%.

To participate all you need to do is be a member and email me your list of what you need.  I will get the prices for you and email you back.  You can pay with paypal or stop buy my home to give me cash or check.  I will send in the order and you pick it up here.  It is possible we may be able to work out meeting you somewhere for pickup if needed.

We can buy items in small sizes for smaller families, and in large bulk sizes for those wanting more quantity and more savings.

This business is a labor of love for me.  There is no getting rich from it.  The small fee only helps partially cover the expenses.    But, helping families acquire needed items is my passion, and I can’t tell you the countless number of families who tell me they have been blessed through it and they have blessed my life through getting to know them.

Be Blessed Today!

Please share.
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