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If you and your kids love audio adventure stories, then you will want to check out the series of audio stories from Brinkman Family Adventures.  These stories will surely become a treasure in your homeschool.


This audio set includes 12 episodes that plays for 5+ hours on 4 CD’s.  These are great stories for people of all ages to enjoy.  Suggested donation is $25 with free shipping.  Season 2 Episodes 1-12 is also available. Check out the website for the series CD’s, MP3 downloads, and more.

Stories in Brinkman Family Adventures Season 2 Espisodes 13-24 
Disc 1: 
The Mystery Ring
Blue Hat & T-Shirt Bible
How Big Is Your God, part 1

Disc 2:
How Big Is Your God, part 2
Mexico By Bus
Treehouse Academy

Disc 3:
Pirates Of Mayan Island
Saphire Slaves, part 1
Saphire Slaves, part 2

Disc 4:
Hadi’s Choice
Castle Of Secrets
On The Run


Though the stories are fiction, real events, real people, and real places inspired each of the stories.  Our favorite story in this set is Treehouse Academy.  The Brinkman family travels to Belize to perform a concert, and bring a schoolbus for another missionary family who runs a school, a church, a radio station, horse tours, and a small supply store. They do lots of different things to raise money for missions.  They live in the jungle and their school is held in a treehouse.  My kids really want a treehouse and when they heard this school was in a treehouse, well it opened up a whole lot of fun ideas for them, and they were even more excited to listen.
While there, the government tries to shut down the school.  I love the way they explain that they believe it is the responsibility of the family and church to educate the children, not the government.  The kids find an arrowhead, the men repair the floor of the school and discuss standing up for what they believe in, they come up with an idea to use the radio station to tell the public about the persecution they are dealing with from the government, but when the radio tower breaks, they make a new plan, they also learn about the pirates who founded the area, deal with lots of jungle critters, prayer, trusting God, and more. 
My kids love audio adventures.  We have listened to many different ones over the years, and enjoy listening to them when we are on the road, and while at home.  I think listening is a good skill to develop in children.  Learning to listen to audio stories is a great way to enhance overall listening skills.  These skills will help our kids in the future, because they will grow up knowing how to listen to others tell stories and even retell stories themselves.  
Listen in for FREE to Episode #9
Here is a sneek preview of Episode #5 being recorded.  


Besides just listening to stories, the kids are also listening to missionaries share their heart for those around the world who need to hear the message of Jesus.  The kids get to travel all around the world, and meet different cultures and peoples through these stories and experience life there through the eyes of the missionary family.  They see God at work in this family’s life and in the lives they are interacting with.  

It is a blessing to share in such wonderful experiences through fun audio adventures. These audio stories are lots of fun, informative, and plant a seed for missions in the hearts of those who listen in.  I would encourage everyone to check out Brinkman Family Adventures stories.  These stories will promote family time as you listen to them together, and are a wonderful treasure for your homeschool.

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