Baking Supplies And Gift Ideas For The Holidays

Homeschool Buying Club Bulk Food Order Deadline

November 15th

Hi everyone,  this is our monthly reminder about the homeschool buying club bulk food order deadline. 

Do you need baking supplies for the holidays?  Now is a great time to get the extra flour, sugar, peanut butter, nuts, yeast, and other supplies to make those wonderful yummy gifts and holiday dinners.

Want to really show someone you care about their health this holiday?  What about making a “Gift Of Health” basket with natural and healthy items?    These can be items you make yourself and put in the basket, or items you buy and make a pretty arrangement.   What a sweet treat to eat cookies and drink hot cocoa made with all natural ingredients by your loving hands.   But we can order more than just healthy foods through our bulk food club.       We can get baskets,  jars,  bottles, utensils, soaps, oils, fragrances, herbs to fill sachets, and so much more.     There are so many themes for these “Gift of Health” baskets you could come up with. 

Here are a few ideas I have been thinking about to make healthy gift baskets for my family and friends.

Blessings or Get Well Basket filled with nourishing items to help deal with a specific health issue or chronic illness. (Allergy food alternatives, Diabetes, Skin Disorders, Arthritis, etc.) 

Bath Supplies

Cleaning Supplies

Breakfast Supplies

Supper Supplies

Bakers Supplies

Soup Lovers Basket

Spices From Around the World

Honey Lovers Basket

Tea Lovers Supplies

Coffee Lovers Supplies

Hot Chocolate Lovers

Chocolate Lovers

Super Foods/Vitamin Basket

Home Spa

Candy Makers Supplies

Pasta Lovers Supplies

Chicken Lovers Supplies

Pet Supplies                                                                      

 Another great idea is to teach your kids how to put these baskets together. 
Tie the process of baking, creating, assembling, and sharing, and holiday good will, 
with some curriculum you are learning about this season.  
Many of the skills involved in this process are useful life skills that will stay with them into adulthood. 

The Ideas are endless. 

Let me know if you need help with ideas, or if you want me to make the baskets for you.  

I would love to do it.

Be blessed,

Please share.

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