Backyard Cookout On The Rocks

This summer we have had several wonderful backyard cookouts.  I wrote a story about “getting by” called Make Do, and shared how we have learned to be content and enjoy these cookouts without a modern grill.  It wasn’t easy to cook on the campfire and hot rocks, but we learned how to do it and do it well.  Cooking on the campfire got easier later on once we got a grate to place over our campfire too cook on.  But even without a grate, we were able to cook delicious and nutritious foods “On The Rocks”.

Backyard Cookout On The Rocks 

The campfire was built up and allowed to burn hot with fallen branches we collected from the yard.  While the fire was being stoked, we placed rocks and bricks on the edge of the fire.  I went to the garden to pick vegetables and prep the food, and some of the kids joined me for this, and some stayed with dad to tend the fire.  The the fire was allowed to burn up most of the wood, and burn down to a low fire.  We allowed most of the wood to burn out and turn into hot coals, or charcoal.  


Then we placed the food on the hot rocks, hot bricks, and coals to cook.  Stay close by with a shovel, incase you have a flare up of the fire and need to knock it down, and so you can turn the food often.  


We turned the foil packets over with the shovel about every five minutes or so to be sure they cooked evenly until they were done.  


The smoke from the charred wood permeated the food and resulted in a delicious, labor of love, meal.  Below I have posted some of the individual recipes to make a delicious meal on your campfire.

On the Rocks Veggie Packs:

Thinly slice fresh potatoes, onions, and fresh zucchini.

Then season with 1 tbsp. olive oil, sea salt, pepper, garlic powder, and cayenne.  


Wrap in foil and fold over seams to make packets.  We used two layers to be sure the food was protected from loosing steam/moisture while cooking.  Then place packets on hot rocks and hot bricks to cook over the coals of the wood fire.   Check packets after 15 minutes or so for doneness.  The thinner you slice the vegetables the faster they will cook, so watch carefully that it doesn’t burn.


On the Rocks Corn On The Cob:

We also prepared fresh corn on the cob in their husks and wrapped in foil packets to roast over the fire.  Then carefully open the husks and remove the silks.  Soak the corn in the husk in cold water. 


Remove from the water and drain excess water on a towel.  Rub the corn with butter, and season with sea salt and pepper if desired, or season after it cooks, just before serving.  


Carefully place the husk back over the corn on the cob on large squares of foil.  


Wrap the husk covered corn on the cob in foil and fold the ends back over the cob like wrapping a burito, so it is tightly shut to make an enclosed packet that doesn’t loose moisture.     Again we used two layers to be sure the packets were sealed shut.


Then place foil corn cob packets on the hot rocks next to the campfire.  Allow to cook, turning often for about 7 to 10 minutes.  Make sure it doesn’t over cook or burn.  Unwrap and serve.  If you did not season the corn prior to cooking, then season now.  Nothing tastes better than sea salt and ground pepper on the sweet smoky corn.  It is a flavor explosion to the taste buds.

A Wholesome Family Adventure:

While the packets of food cooked, the kids cooked hot dogs on homemade spears they made with dad. 

He helped them use the pocket knife to whittle and carve spears to hold the hot dogs over the fire for roasting.  They enjoyed selecting maple tree limbs and using the pocket knife to whittle their spears.  They really enjoyed cooking their own hot dogs too.  


At the end of the evening, we let them roast some marshmallows too.  YUM!


Sometimes the marshmallows got a little over cooked!  LOL!


But it was a fun evening with family and food.


Cooking on a campfire in the backyard can be a great family adventure.  The kids can be involved by helping their parents prep the food and cooking the food with supervision.  It is a great hands on way for them to learn life skills and enjoy spending time together as a family too.


Be sure to read about the Smokey Garden Fresh Burgers and delicious garden veggies we made on the campfire too.  The Smokey Garden Fresh Burger has to be the best sandwich I have ever eaten, hands down!  Be sure to check out the recipe!

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