Apollo Flame Bistro

Local restaurant review. 

If you are in Asheville, NC or near by, you have got to try the Apollo Flame Bistro located at 1025 Brevard Road at Biltmore Square. 

This is a Greek restaurant owned by brothers Jimmy and Chris Pappas.  Jimmy has had this location for 11 years, and also co-owns another restaurant of the same name, with John Poulos for 15 years, on the east side of Asheville. 

The Apollo Flame Bistro has been voted Best Mediterranean Restaurant for ten years in a row.

I ordered the Greek Chicken & Lamb Gyro Combo Plater today.  My husband had the Greek Chicken Salad and my children had tortellini, pizza, ravioli, Greek salad, and more Greek chicken
(I have a lot of children).

The food is very affordable.  Almost every entree was priced between $6 and $10.  There is a discounted kids menu for children 10 and under and the majority of the kids meals are $4.  

After eating here, and enjoying the food so much, I had to meet the owner and express my enthusiasm for the service and food he brings the public.

I met with Jimmy Pappas to learn a little more about his restaurant and the food he serves here.
Jimmy is passionate about this restaurant.  He loves the food and takes pride in the service he provides too, and it shows.

The dining room is very clean and inviting from the moment you step in the door.  There is lovely Greek music softly playing in the back ground, and the staff are friendly and helpful from the first moment on.

There is an indoor eating area and an outdoor eating area.

But even indoors you feel like you are outside in a quaint country vineyard enjoying your meal under the gondola.  There is a large waterfall on the back wall.

The girl on the right was our server today, and she did a very good job.  The servers and kitchen staff are very conscientious and courteous to the customers.

Jimmy takes a lot of pride in this restaurant.  He told me that he brings his own family to eat here often.  He said his favorite meal is the Greek Chicken Gyro Plater.

The Greek chicken is awesome!  Jimmy’s staff prepares it fresh everyday by marinating it in his own special blend of Greek spices and then cooking it to perfection on the grill. 

Jimmy’s Greek Chicken is the BEST chicken I have ever eaten.

They have a website www.ApolloFlameBistro.net

They cater too for groups of 5 people to 1,000 people.

If you are looking for delicious food at an affordable price, try the Apollo Flame Bistro.  It is definitely worth the trip. 


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